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Agatha and the Midnight Murders (2020)


If I didn’t have...
Saturday, November 14, 2020

If I didn’t have a lot of experience reading reviews, perhaps I wouldn’t have watched this. While I considered it’s description I saw a lot of very negative reviews on another site. I mean, it was made out to be the worst movie ever by some. But I watched it and I will say why in a moment. I enjoyed the movie. Not the best mystery I have watched lately, but it held my attention throughout. There was just enough humor, just enough factual detail, and small twists to keep me engaged. I was pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it helped that I have never been an Agatha Christie fan. Her writing is fine, but I didn’t care for Poirot as a character. I didn’t mind Marple, so perhaps I should give her books another try. But back to this movie. When a film has a ton of one-star ratings, I have learned to quickly peruse...

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