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Escape Room (2019)


3/10: Disappointment to the max
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

First movie of 2019. A great year for film started really underwhelming. It'sa cool concept done really poorly. It has no identity it's just so safe. Even bad ones you know Saw film when you see one. But this one just holds back sooo much. First two acts are just Pg-13 Saw and then 3rd act gives such bad answers. On the positive side production design and rooms were well done. I gotta get credit where credit is due. Rooms by themselves were kinda fun. It's decently shot and better than most low budget thrillers. Some actors were fine (not all of them). 8 pool room sequence was really cool. That's it. Film takes itself way too seriously and it just doesn't want to have fun. If it was more self aware and tongue-in cheek it could've work. Characters were unlikeable and awful. They didn't get developed and on top of...

7/10: A fun little thriller
Saturday, February 9, 2019

Drawing influences from Saw (2004), Final Destination (2000), and Cube (1997), Escape Room follows six individuals, all of whom receive a puzzle box prescribing a cryptic note inviting them to the Minos Escape Room Facility. Lured to the facility under the promise of receiving a cash prize of ten thousand dollars, these six strangers must endure several intricately designed puzzle rooms in a thrilling game of life or death. While the premise doesn't exactly scream originality, Escape Room is a perfectly enjoyable little thriller. For those expecting buckets of gore and sickening death scenes, look elsewhere, as Schut and Melnik's screenplay is much more attuned to focusing on the elaborate puzzles themselves, resulting in a film that intrigues rather than disturbs. Pace wise, the film doesn't slow down and is engaging throughout, some of the puzzle rooms are quite visually arresting, and thankfully the characters aren't just one dimensional zeroes either. While the ending does border...

1/10: This room filled with false reviews
Monday, January 21, 2019

Beware 10 of 10 comments its just standard advertising campaign for James Wan and Co (and director of this film clearly his associate). Plot is stupid and laughable I even don't know where to start. Good actors "playing"... its just they don' shut up for a second, more looks like they try to fill your time with stupid blablabla so MAY BE you overlook how loose plot itself, how its all unrealistic and plastic with I think because scriptwriter really don't know what films like Cube really made when you don't see full picture... well there is NO full picture just some events and actions making just to forward the plot. Its so lousy. I think with time this cheap schlock have its 3/10 like "Strangers 2" and other crap. Just save your money so they can't make this waste-like movies

1/10: Boring,bland,mediocre performances at best
Thursday, January 10, 2019

This was supposed to be a mystery thriller. I guess like the series Saw or The Cube/ The exam. It is about some guys that are invited "randomly" to an escape room and they try to figure the way out and the reasons behind it. The story is very predictable which is sad to say the least, the acting is pretty bad as well and I'm not saying this from an elitist viewpoint because the actors aren't A tier, it's very below average. The viewer can't really search for clues in the movie which is kinda disappointing as well.There is a twist somewhere but it isn't worth the time. If you are like me and expect a Saw tier movie or actual mystery thriller, you will get very very disappointed from this. As a big fan of the genre, I had to see it but I wish I hadnt

10/10: A much needed reworked Saw movie sans gore and torture
Saturday, January 5, 2019

I loved the first Saw movie, but got tired of subsequent movies because the gore and torture got a bit too much to watch. It actually was a decent movie and is kind of rewatchable, I'll admit. I did feel at times that the characters were a bit too smart to discover certain things as quickly as they did. Still, for a January release, you expect the worst but it actually was pretty good.Many of the leads were unlikable, but that's to be expected with budget movies like this. Also, it's written like a teen movie, where people are losers one day, white collar successes the next, which is ridiculous, but that's Hollywood. Getting past this, it still is a pretty good watch and a way to waste two hours

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