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Deliver Us from Evil (2020)


8/10: Can't escape (the past
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Certain people have issues to escape what they are doing. And even if they manage to do so, most of the times they will leave something behind they urge to get back (to). It's the thing that one is supposed to evade (see De Niro in Heat, though he didn't really listen to his own advice either). In this case it is not even the strong wish of the main character to get back ... but an unfortunate "incident" that makes it impossible for him to stay away.And while he is on the verge and on the lookout (or on a mission or however you want to call it), there is a different danger lurking! Actually not so much lurking rather than sprinting and running towards him. And this nemesis of his, who is seemingly unstoppable, makes this movie quite the experience. By the way the action and stunt work on this movie ... just wow! Incredible to say...

5/10: Korea does Hollywood
Friday, February 5, 2021

Deliver Us from Evil is well shot, well acted, involving and overall an OK film, if you like your films Hollywood style, which means kind of preposterous, unlikely, a bit of humor thrown in with the action, and every other cliché Hollywood would throw in. It even has has a drag performer as a main character to let you know this is a modern film. While entertaining enough, there is nothing here I haven't seen before, the sad eyed little girl, the side story ripped from today's headlines, the hitmen with almost super human powers. The lead actor is really the movie's saving grace, he's excellent and rises above this completely average material but there just isn't anything new here. I've seen many excellent Korean movies but this is just Hollywood garbage in another language

7/10: The cinematography stole the show
Sunday, September 20, 2020

This one was probably the most anticipated 2020 movie for me especially after seeing how unique and intriguing LJJ's character is in the trailer, from the style to the neck tattoo also it's been a while he didn't play this kinda gangster roles. After i watched it i can say it's overall a good movie, the acting was good (as expected from korean veteran actors), the characters are very interesting and well designed, it's true the plot isn't completely new and it was done before so many times but the fight scenes had some new touch and it's beautifully shot too, that's why the cinematography was the best part of the movie and i really enjoyed it.Yeah it's not new but it's totally enjoyable and interesting

9/10: Another great Korean action film
Friday, April 16, 2021

Another very fine South Korean action thriller, directed by the writer of such classics as THE YELLOW SEA and THE CHASER. It's not quite on par with those masterworks, but it's still very good. I feel the Chris Hemsworth movie EXTRACTION inspired the look, the action and the setting of this movie, along with the usual touches from BOURNE and JOHN WICK. The first half hour is a little confused as it sets up the pieces, but before long we're in Thailand and things kick off on typically spectacular style. DELIVER US FROM EVIL offers a splendid mix of fine acting, stark violence and excellent action sequences, and once the suspense hits it rarely disappears before the credits roll. Recommended

8/10: a mediocre start, but
Friday, September 18, 2020

Raking the skies of great action and suspence in its second half. its an easy go go kill for hire on a journey to bangkok to save an old friend that have stranded there getting spun into a spiders web of criminals whos looking for body parts to sell on the global human meat market, and childrens hearts and kidneys are very much sought after.its a south korean flick, easy recognizable due to well made score all over, but it has a slow inconsistent start. but when the going gets tough, the action and speed of fighting and killing are litterally neckslithering. so be a bit patient there a lots to be seen , therefore a recommend from the grumpy old man

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