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L.A. Confidential (1997)

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10/10: The Best Film of 1997...
Friday, August 14, 1998

The Best Film of 1997 Truly, one of the greatest mistake the Academy has made is not awarding this film the Best Picture award. For months, I argued that while "Titanic" was a nice spectacle with great special effects, the script, the directing and the acting was all rather mediocre. However, here we have "L.A. Confidential." Perfection in script. Perfection in directing. Perfection in cast. Obviously, because Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey all gave Oscar worthy performances, the voting was split, and therefore, none got enough votes for a nomination. Crowe gave an invigorating performance and Bud White, a man who knows that he is not very smart and has instead relied on pure brawn all his life. But as the film progresses, you watch him yearn to put his strength aside and become self-reliant, instead of being purely muscle for the cause of justice, which has become obscured as he has had to resort to...

10/10: A Modern Classic LA Confidential...
Thursday, November 9, 2006

A Modern Classic LA Confidential has all of the qualities that, over time, earn a film the honorific, "classic." The story is involved and involving, and quickly pulls the viewer into trying to solve the mystery along with the main characters. The script is brisk and clever, the editing moves along at a solid pace that builds toward the end, the images of old LA are realistic and convincing, and the character portrayals are more than wonderful, they're truly memorable. It's safe to say that in many respects this film provided break-out roles for Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, and Guy Pearce.Crowe's Bud White steals the show -- brutal, tender, complex, and in his own way, rigidly principled, White is a powerful character whose presence dominates scenes. Crowe's earlier role in Virtuosity showed a tiny, violent piece of Bud White, but lacked his complexity and depth. Bud White showed the world what Russell Crowe can really...

7/10: Hard-Boiled 50's Detective...
Saturday, August 22, 2020

Hard-Boiled 50's Detective Drama a Tough but Relevant Watch Today LA Confidential oozes with the 50s style it's going for. Every aspect of the production from the costumes, the sets, cars, music, and dialogue is spot-on for the era, and in no way feels like actors from the 90s playing for a bygone time period.This is a far superior, more historically honest production as opposed to movies like 2013's "Gangster Squad" that had a racially diverse, politically correct depiction of a similar era, or the revisionist history remake of The Magnificent Seven (to go further back). The racism, sexism, and bigotry of the 50s are on full display in LA Confidential, and the film isn't even always apologetic about it. Your mileage may vary on how much the depiction of this kind of content affects you. As time goes on, the American public seems to be more and more aware on average of...

10/10: Rollo Tomasi, do you still...
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rollo Tomasi, do you still remember? "Rollo Tomasi" is a name that anyone had seen this movie should remember for the rest of his life or at least be aware of the existence of the name, because this is the key to the spirit of this whole story. Due to the setting of this clue, there is no doubt one great movie had become a classic! As a Taiwanese, I saw a lot of Hong Kong movies about police and gangsters while I was a child, and they were all very impressive. Therefore, the particularly genre has been promoted to such high levels in my mind that I can hardly be pleased. Fortunately, "L.A. Confidential" satisfies me not only with its thoughtful scenario, but also with several great actors' performances. More specifically, the story is not just about justice versus evil, there are also many elements such as passion, wisdom, greed, friendship and of course love which all made...

10/10: It's in the writing...
Friday, August 5, 2005

It's in the writing Reading the comments, I find few viewers seemed to have read James Ellroy's LA Trilogy, on which LA Confidential is based. The Big Nowhere, LA Confidential and White Jazz comprise the Dudley Smith story; Smith is the only constant in all three. None of the heroes are in Nowhere, Buzz Meeks being gunned down by Dudley while trying to escape, having hidden the heroin. Buzz White survives Confidential along with Exley, and White does go off to Arizona, but Smith still lives and rides high. In Jazz, Ed Exley~~Guy Pearce~~and Smith do battle for the soul of David Klein, who in the end brings down Smith. Of the three, Confidential is surely the most complicated since with the heroin out there somewhere, many more players are involved.Hanson's genius is to shorten the story, eliminating Nowhere entirely, and bringing Dudley his retribution without Dave Klein being involved. He eliminates so many...

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