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behind enemy lines (2001)

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4/10: Behind Enemy Lines This is...
Monday, April 20, 2009

Behind Enemy Lines This is one of those movies from the early noughties I saw the poster a number of times, and I knew it best for one of the leading actors, so I tried it when I got the opportunity, directed by John Moore (The Omen, Max Payne). Basically, set during the Bosnian War, naval flight navigator Lieutenant Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson) is bored of reconnaissance missions and is preparing to leave. He is currently stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the Adriatic Sea, along with pilot Lieutenant Jeremy Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht). He clashes with his commanding officer, Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart (Gene Hackman) about his decision, which is refused. During the Christmas holidays, Reigart assigns Burnett and Stackhouse to fly an aerial reconnaissance mission. Burnett persuades Stackhouse to fly off-course for a closer look at unusual activity in the demilitarized zone. They unintentionally capture footage of Serb Volunteer Guard soldiers burying massacred Bosnian Muslim...

4/10: Undemanding War Film. Owen Wilson...
Saturday, May 1, 2010

Undemanding War Film. Owen Wilson survives a shoot-down of his reconnaissance airplane over Serb-controlled Bosnia. He's discovered evidence of a massacre of Moslems so the Serbs are determined to track him down and kill him. They've already captured, tortured, and executed his pilot. Meanwhile, back on Wilson's ship, his handler, Gene Hackman, is in touch by handy talky and is eager to launch a rescue mission but he's always being reined in by The Suits in the person of a French officer in charge of peace negotiations.This was released in 2001 and so antedates the attacks on 9/11 of that year, otherwise this movie is so compliant regarding the presumed desires of its intended audience that it's safe to assume that, had it been made a year later, the Moslems would have been the mass murderers, not the victims, although The Suits might have remained French.The plot is lifted wholesale...

5/10: Serviceable despite its Clichés and...
Monday, July 9, 2007

Serviceable despite its Clichés and Stereotypes Clichés and stock characters riddle freshman director John Moore's "Behind Enemy Lines," an entertaining but derivative aircraft carrier-based "Top Gun" escape thriller about an American fighter jet shot down over Bosnia, boasting histrionic "Rambo" heroics and sophisticated "Patriot Games" technology. Lightweight leading man Owen Wilson of "Shanghai Noon" stars as a trouble-prone F/A-18 Superhornet navigator with a bad attitude. Apparently, Lt. Chris 'Longhorn' Burnett (Wilson) has served eights years on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson without getting a taste of combat. Unhappy and frustrated, he complains to his long-suffering friend and pilot, Lt. Jeremy 'Smoke' Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht of "American Outlaws"), that "the days of punching a Nazi in the nose at Normandy" are finished. All Burnett wants now is complete his tour of duty and cash out. "I joined the Navy to be a fighter pilot," Burnett explains to his gruff, tip-lipped superior, Admiral Lesley...

7/10: An old-fashioned, action-packed...
Friday, October 23, 2015

An old-fashioned, action-packed war movie This fluid, adrenaline-fuelled addition to the recent wave of war films to hit our cinemas in the wake of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN is less serious than most, instead preferring to simplify the characters and situations of the (real-life) war situation - and using them as a basis for what is pretty much a straightforward action offering, utilising the old-fashioned "chase" style plot as a basis for the continuous shoot-outs and battles between enemies. In fact the film has a minimalist style, preferring to keep things low key, as a sole man - played by Owen Wilson - must try and make it to safe ground before the stereotypical bad guys shoot him dead. BEHIND ENEMY LINES may not be a work of art, but as an action film it exceeds all of our expectations. The pacing never flags for a second and the action is plentiful and exciting.The highlight of the...

1/10: Throw This Film In Front...
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Throw This Film In Front of Enemy Lines. Behind Enemy Lines (2001): Dir: John Moore / Cast: Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman, David Keith, Gabriel Macht, Vladimir Mashkov: Title indicates that someone is on the wrong side of the track. It can also indicate one's reaction to viewing this sh*t. Owen Wilson stars as a fighter pilot in the Navy who is sent on a mission at Christmas time to test a digital camera. He accidentally uncovers an operation resulting in their plane being shot down. His partner is murdered but Wilson escapes on foot. From there it is Wilson running for his life and Gene Hackman under pressure from admirable to leave everything be. Lame action scenes highlight with director John Moore failing to deliver anything interesting. We are given pointless footage of sniper's reactions to orders as if we need to see his sneer one more time. Wilson runs, makes narrow escapes, and then runs some more...

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