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Live Flesh (1997)


10/10: Repetition and Destiny Meet
Saturday, December 2, 2006

If with LA FLOR DE MI SECRETO Pedro Almodovar seemed to tell the world he was done with his garish style and was ready to explore more mature themes. While not many people were happy with his decision, it was inevitable: sooner or later every director has to make a choice and explore less traveled paths with the risk of failing or succeeding. Almodovar's next project, a Ruth Rendell novel called "Live Flesh", was as removed from his trademark style as it was dark: an incursion into the crime genre that explored the nature of intertwined destinies locked in a prolonged dance of seduction, consuming passions, death, and ultimate redemption, neatly presented as a clichéd love quadrangle. While the events of CARNE TREMULA can't be taken as serious, being the elements of every other pot-boiler drenched in atmosphere and melodramatic suspense, Almodovar has that extra touch that differentiates him from the mass. He transposes Rendell's sordid...

9/10: love pentagon
Saturday, February 3, 2018

Watching any film by Pedro Almodóvar is an enriching experience, an experience that teaches the viewers some new things about cinema and some new things about life. Live Flesh ("Carne tremula" in Spanish) is not exception. It is a film about passion and desire, it is a melodrama that makes more sense than life itself, it presents five characters whom we get to know by the end of the film better than our own family.The story has one prologue, one first chapter taking place twenty years later, more chapters in the contemporaneity (meaning 1997) and a prologue a few months later. A young woman (only appearance in this movie as a live person by Penélope Cruz) gives birth, it's the sleepy Madrid at the end of the Franco era, still a policy state, still hard to catch a taxi even if the streets at night are empty, so the birth takes place in a semi-hijacked bus. Twenty...

8/10: Almodóvar again
Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Carne Trémula' is another good film from Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. It comes before his great films 'Todo Sobre Mi Madre' and 'Hable Con Ella', both more mature than his earlier films, and this film is the beginning of the grown-up Almodóvar. It tells the story of five people with lives that cross paths from time to time. The film starts with Víctor (Liberto Rabal), who has fallen in love with a girl he has only seen once. Her name is Elena (Francesca Neri). She does not remember him, so when he shows up at her house she takes a gun and forces him out of the place. He does not go and because the gun goes off the police arrives a couple of minutes later. Two detectives arrive, David (Javier Bardem) and Sancho (José Sancho). They have issues, since Sancho's wife Clara (Ángela Molina) cheats on him, probably with David. Sancho got in a struggle with Víctor...

10/10: All About A Single Gunshot And Attack To Mainstream Cinema
Thursday, November 17, 2011

Live Flesh or Carne Trémula in Espanol is a Spanish romantic drama thriller film that is written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar.It stars Liberto Rabal, Javier Bardem, and Francesca Neri. The film is loosely based on Ruth Rendell's book entitled Live Flesh.Live Flesh examines how several lives are changed by a single gunshot. Adapting the novel by Rendell, Almodóvar has given the material a Spanish makeover with added political thrust. Beginning in 1970 in Franco's Madrid, when a prostitute gives birth to a son, Victor, the story leaps forward to contemporary Madrid. Wealthy diplomat's daughter Elena is watching Luis Buñuel's The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de La Cruz while waiting for the arrival of her heroin dealer, and she buzzes Victor,whom she had a one-night stand,into the building. In the confusion that follows, two cops, David and Sancho arrive, and a gun goes off. The story then makes another leap to...

8/10: An excellent Almodovar's drama
Thursday, May 12, 2005

If you intend to see such a film, I warn you that you should not miss any scene if you really want to understand its intelligently arranged plot. Sometimes I see Almodovar as a kind of Victor Hugo of cinema because he makes various complicated scenes not coherently inserted in the film that you should put in order step by step. May be in this way the excitement increases and you will be more anxious to know the end of the film. Javier Bardem (David) played the role of ex-agent and ex-basketball player who was shot in fact accidentally. The Italian actress Francesca Neri is David's wife, and young Liberto Rabal is Victor, the man supposedly spoiling the lives of others, and strong lover. Love and sex scenes of the film are intense as if they were real. The behavior of the actors and actresses in the film is convincingly human, i.e. people having their merits...

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