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Love of My Life (2017)

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5/10: A drama of manners
Sunday, September 8, 2019

Love of My Life (2017): 5 out of 10: Anna Chancellor stars as a woman who is given possibly five days to live due to a brain tumor that requires surgery. She is married to Hugo from Vicar of Dibley (James Fleet) and is looking forward to working and spending time with him till the end. Perhaps she will read a book, a short book. At this point, her first husband (Rachel Weisz's brother from the Mummy movies John Hannah) shows up uninvited to win her back before she dies.The Good: There is some very nice acting in this film by our two main leads (Anna Chancellor and John Hannah) and despite the stagey feel of the whole production there are some very nice speeches given particularly by Chancellor. The movie also threatens to be funny oftentimes and has some almost profound things to be said about death.The Bad: My wife commented out load about a third...

6/10: Betrayals, interrelations, guilt, self-acclaim
Thursday, June 17, 2021

Pity about the weak script, but by some miracle the director has managed to dovetail British and Canadian humour. The two men are a weepy alcoholic and a hardline Scot, author of a bestselling book. The arrival of the blonde English ex-wife of Richard wearing a faux leopard-skin coat is the culmination of class horror: she was married to an award-winning author but dresses like a Primark frump. Betrayals, interrelations, guilt, self-acclaim. Grieving in advance, it's all borderline histrionic. How many British citizens in the last century have actually read Middlemarch by one of the country's greatest authors? My guess is around 2%, including those forced at school, who never reached the end. While the night scene in the bar with her agent deserves an award for poor acting (not entirely their fault, the script is uneven), the café set with the daughter, boyfriend (his wife), and mother is hilarious and too short; more...

2/10: Get out of my life
Thursday, September 21, 2017

Despite the title this is not a rom com just a tedious film with unlikeable characters that you will care little about. Grace (Anna Chancellor) finds out she has a brain tumour and only has five days to live because then she has to undergo a dangerous operation. Her second husband Tom (James Fleet) is distraught and finds comfort in alcohol.Grace needs to get her life in order, she is a successful architect in Toronto and has two daughters. Then her her ex-husband Richard (John Hannah) a successful turns up in her bedroom proclaiming that Grace was the love of his life and wants her back.After the horrible way Richard behaves which includes trying to get rid of Tom from his house, Richard's wife Tamara (Hermione Norris) turns up, the woman Richard left Grace for.It was strange to see so many Brits turning up in Toronto and really little use is made of the city...

4/10: Overall a very unrewarding and disappointing script
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I was hoping for much better than this from such an acclaimed cast, particularly John Hannah.From the very beginning I was put off; the husband's distraught acting was atrocious. And it didn't get much better.All six of the main family characters were somewhat unlikable to a greater or lesser extent. The two men (and the 'second' wife) were particularly distasteful. I also abhore characters that constantly tell others to do things which they allow to carry on unenforced i.e. "get out of my house".The actions of the four married characters at the conclusion of the film were despicable albeit possibly a fair reflection of the declining moral fabric of today's society. The final scene was simply very disappointing.I think 4 stars is probably an over-rating

7/10: Love of My Life
Saturday, March 13, 2021

I found this film to be entertaining with a mostly solid script. The daughters are a bit weak but perhaps that is more to do with the writing of their characters and less to do with their acting abilities. For the rest of the primary characters, I found them to be fleshed out beautifully in the script. Anna Chancellor, whom many may recognize from "Four Weddings and a Funeral," when she adeptly played a most unlikeable character, plays, in this film, an engaging and attractive mature woman who has been given the news that an operable brain tumor might possibly kill her. She takes the news well while her husband touchingly and humorously sobs uncontrollably. I enjoyed the character driven plot. A nice film for a Saturday afternoon

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