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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014)


3/10: Very Slow Pace; Almost 2 Hours of Melodrama with No Payoff
Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let me first note that I am an avid movie-goer, but not a reader of the books. I did, however, watch the first two Hunger Games movies and was pleasantly surprised by them. They kept my attention, with plot and performances intriguing and action-packed enough to get from one scene to the next without a dull moment.This latest installment is the exact opposite. The movie opens with some melodramatic scenes where Katniss (JLaw) suffers from previous trauma, then scene after scene just keeps rehashing the same weepy look on her face partnered with some sentimental background music. "Remember how President Snow tried to kill everyone in our district? Sniff." followed by "How could he do this again in this district? Sniff." then "Why is he doing this to my friends? Sniff." over and over until the end. Imagine that for 2 hours. That is essentially this movie.Other scenes later on are just variations of the same...

3/10: What have happened here
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No, seriously? I thought I made a huge mistake and went to a kinder garden movie or something. At the end of this film there was a very serious dilemma in my mind – to cry or to laugh. To cry for the time and money I spend, or to laugh at what I just saw? To cry for the people who will be misled by their expectations from the book, or to laugh about the people who actually put a lot of effort in creating this "thing".Where to begin? Directing. May be Francis Lawrence idea was to show us that he is capable of making bad movies as well as good ones. Constantine was good. A little bit above average. I am Legend was very good! Especially for the fans of the genre. Water for Elephants was a soap opera but it wasn't bad. And now this My guess is that he left his skills, his talent and...

3/10: 2 Hours with little to no plot
Sunday, November 30, 2014

This movie, as indicated in the summary, did not have a plot. When saying this, I am aware that the movie was produced from the first half of a novel, and is expected to omit the climax of the novel which will come in part 2, but this motion picture was simply boring. From the very beginning, the film features slow cuts and a plethora of dialogue that nearly lulled me to sleep on a weekend night. In contrast to its prior two films in the series, Mockingjay had no combat, no conflict, and effectively nothing to do with the Hunger games.For two hours, I watched Katniss walk around a deserted area completely desecrated from warfare, while she was filmed with the hope that she would say something inspirational. It was on par with a documentary of the world's worst group of advertisers attempting to shoot a commercial. At one point a child risked her life to save...

3/10: Simply Horrible and Unnecessary
Friday, November 28, 2014

I like many could not wait for this movie to come out, be of a big fan of the first two. But this two hour snooze fest was utterly worthless and purposeless. God I wish there something good to be said about this movie, because lord knows it's a damn good story and features a great cast. But this is Hollywood greed and short sightedness at it's absolute worst. They took one book and attempted to split it into two films, essentially taking one or two minor plot points and stretching them out over two unenjoyable grueling hours. If you have NOT seen this film yet do yourself a favor and wait for it to show up on cable for free AND for you to be terribly ill and perhaps half out of it on medication, for you'll need to be to be in order to endure this plot less plodding mess of a film. Simply out...

3/10: Slow, boring with poor acting
Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let me say it right now; I hated this movie. It was bad. Look, the concept of a film being cut into two parts just does not work. The whole thing felt like a two-hour exposition. The first 30 minutes were so damn boring I literally could not stop getting out of focus and moving uncomfortably in my seat. There really isn't anything special going on as it progresses, too. There is war going on, but they do not really show it and it doesn't suck you in. It's very slow paced with lots of teenage drama and not a lot of "games" or "hunger" as in the previous films (which I liked, by the way). And now there's Jennifer Lawrence's acting, which was trying too hard (while making lots of weird facial expressions that made me laugh at inappropriate moments). Overall, I think the idea of splitting a movie into two parts; thus...

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