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Love and Monsters (2020)

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7/10: A Fun Entertaining Post-Apocalyptic...
Saturday, November 7, 2020

A Fun Entertaining Post-Apocalyptic Rom-Com with the Cutest Dog EVER This film came out of nowhere. I hadn't heard anything about it, but I took a chance on it and I loved it! Love and Monsters was a really fun entertaining film. I really enjoyed the combination of romantic comedy and sci-fi/horror. It was well written, the acting was on point, and the film direction was very good. I really enjoyed the world-building in this film. The atmosphere and monsters were done very well. The post-apocalyptic world in this film is much different than in others where it's dark and murky. This film was bright and colorful and really showed that after 95% of humanity was gone, the environment took over un-restricted. Planes buried in mountains covered in vines, buildings overgrown with plants and trees, etc....It just looked really really good. Also....bonus points for having the cutest dog I...

7/10: Good movie, almost ruined by...
Sunday, December 6, 2020

Good movie, almost ruined by the childish script Yes, this is a very entertaining movie. A teenage boy survives a global disaster and is in hiding with other survivors in underground bunkers. Yet, he cannot get his girlfriend out of his head, luckily his girlfriend also survived, but is at a camp 126km from his camp. He takes the journey to go to his girlfriend fighting mutated cold blooded animals and insects. The mutants are great, very well done. What this movie almost brings down is the childish script and jokes, the main character, the teenage boy, is constantly denigrated for no reason, even a little girl he meets on his journey insults him only for a couple of poor executed jokes. But, all in all, this movie is worth your while.

7/10: Love and Monsters Love and...
Friday, October 16, 2020

Love and Monsters Love and Monsters was a fun film to see and it is actually after a some time a very fun new realease that surved its purpose and goals that it was trying to reach.Story was very inspiring and sweet at same time,it had some emotional moments and some romantic ones that were justified and that didnt felt rushed at any moment.Characters are also very likeable and i was able to root for them during entire runtime expecely towards the Dylan O Brien one,cause he was highlight of a entire film,special effects were also pretty solid and they done a good job to.Love and Monsters was a fun film to see for all families

9/10: No zombies! An apocalyptic film...
Saturday, October 17, 2020

No zombies! An apocalyptic film without zombies is worth its weight in gold these days. The monster were kinda silly, but the story, the pace and the character were pretty good. Filming locations were also great and different from the usual Hollywoodian sameness. And, Thanks God, there were no "in your face" PC proselytism, which was refreshing. Love and Monsters is the type of a film that a father can watch with his daughter or a mother with her and son and without feeling embarrassed most of the time.

9/10: Endearing This is one of...
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Endearing This is one of the best recent adventure films. It avoids many clich├ęs that inhabit the genre, with small twists which made watching it a pleasure.Even though the action scenes were sort of predictable, it didn't deter away from getting absorbed into Joel's story and caring what happened to him and the other characters. It had some small lessons in it too, which added to the story.Its a little too adult for young children in my opinion. Young teens though would enjoy it.

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