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Avengement (2019)

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10/10: Superb British gangster movie from...
Monday, May 27, 2019

Superb British gangster movie from Scott freaking Adkins Out of all the movies Scott Adkins has done in 2019 for me Avengement takes the cake as the best one so far and it also another reason why I think he needs to stick with director Jesse V. Johnson and writer Stu Mall as long as possible in the low budget action movie scene. I heard many people on the Internet praise the hell out of Scott for delivering the best performance of his life in the role of Cain Burgess an escaped convict on the way to return all the disgusting stuff his life throws at him and they were right because I hope he keeps testing his acting range like this because Avengement is one hard-ass movie with some of the bloodiest action scene I saw from Scott since Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. Seriously I love watching Scott chew the hell out of every scenery he in...

9/10: Definitely should break out but...
Thursday, May 30, 2019

Definitely should break out but probably won't Both Jesse V Johnson and Scott Adkins should be making bigger budgeted films than this by now. Their body of work together alone deserves it. That said, if they continue to make such polished B movie fare as this then long may their reign continue!! This is how you take a small budget and make a big statement!! Adkins has turned in his best performance to date by far!! Johnson has created a genre piece for the ages although alot of credit goes to Lorentz in the editing. The fight scenes in this absolutely nailed the tone of the story, they weren't flash spin kicks or any over the top Tae Kwon Do, Luke Lafontaine was spot on in this respect, just brutal on screen carnage!! I like Tim Man's choreography in previous Johnson/Adkins efforts but it would have been unrealistic in this. All the actors involved were solid...

10/10: Awesome Take this movie for...
Friday, May 24, 2019

Awesome Take this movie for what it is, a straight forward revenge story. Its been done many times ,but then again so have most other ideas. So its in the execution, and in this case its done very well. Scott Adkins does a great job in the lead role and creates a very likeable but very disturbed man that has been pushed to the absolute limit by the repeated violent encounters he faces and ultimately has to turn himself into a savage to survive,(he looks psychotic, but kinda cool). The rest of the cast is excellent and theres some good bits of humour injected into what is otherwise a pretty dark story. The action is bang on as you'd expect but more grounded and violent than usual. All in all its a well made film that keeps its pace and holds your attention to the very end, and if you're a Scott Adkins fan, as I've...

7/10: Savage Crime Film Avengement: Not...
Monday, March 30, 2020

Savage Crime Film Avengement: Not horror as such but certainly horrific. Cain (Scott Adkins) feels that he has been betrayed/abandoned by his crime boss brother after he is imprisoned. On compassionate release he beats up his guards and escapes. He holds his brothers gang at'gunpoint in a pub and the back story unfolds. A truly savage tale, non-stop fights and attacks in prison leave Cain scarred mentally and physically but he's a MMA and survives but continuously has his sentence extended. The prison violence is the least of the horrors in this film though as hands are chopped off with an axe and a foot shot off etc. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart. A crime/revenge story with some intriguing twists written and Directed by Jesse V. Johnson. 7/10. On Netflix.

8/10: Really Brutal Fightscenes for the...
Saturday, May 25, 2019

Really Brutal Fightscenes for the Scott Fans This movie will keep your attention. Its very much the opposite of say the stylized mayhem of John Wick - the fight scenes in this movie are visceral, brutal and bloody - and they comprise a good chunk of the movie. Scott gets all the good lines and exercises that sardonic sense of humor he is well known for in his movies.I do wonder sometimes why he is cranking out movies like this at the pace of 3-4 a year. He is prime material for more A list movies and has great screen presence. Love his martial arts & action movies but hope to see him in more high quality big release movies sooner rather then later.

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