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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)


Wow, this movie was really...
Sunday, April 25, 2021

Wow, this movie was really bad. I quite liked the first movie and I am amazed how the writer(s), apparently with Patty Jenkins, in the lead managed to turn this into a boring piece of crud. The movie is just so boooooring and nonsensical. Below are my notes when watching this movie (I had to do something while watching it to not get bored out of my mind) which pretty much speaks for itself. What is it with the stupid beginning? It was just silly lecturing and did not really bring anything to the story. Those clowns pretending to be robbers. Was it supposed to be funny? Well it was not. Bad start indeed. 25% and this is boring. 40% and this is still f... boring. A guy used to fly ancient propeller planes can suddenly fly jet fighter planes. And she "forgot" about radar? Seriously? Flying straight through exploding fireworks and no one saw them nor did the...

1984, a sequel to the...
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

1984, a sequel to the fantastic "Wonder Woman", which showed a cool breeze in the middle of a saturated superhero cinematic market, is a fantastic continuation of the story of our favourite super heroine. Lighter in action, but thematically profound, this may not be a film that pleases everyone. Let's start with the positives: Gal Gadot, as a wonder woman, continues to prove to be the perfect choice to play the part. The actress maintains a strong bond with the audience , really showing all the strong emotions that the character feels during the course of the story. Without her, the film would lose something really essential: her soul. The story, thematically linked to greed, our deepest desires and selfishness, provides a journey of development for the characters that makes us reassess certain attitudes taken throughout our lives. The story seeks to develop each of the characters, and this is what gives it so much strength. Chris Pine, as Steve...

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