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Superintelligence (2020)


This was a fun movie...
Saturday, January 9, 2021

This was a fun movie to watch, which was, as far as I can see, all it promised to be. It didn’t try to squeeze into the canon of sophisticated sci-fi, though some reviews I read on another site seemed to suggest it was trying to do just that. This is basically a romantic comedy with a satirical look at our dependence upon technology thrown in, which I suspect hit too close to home for some people. I appreciated that film rarity, a woman who is not razor thin being a romantic lead, with a bonus of not even having her mention her weight once. Larger men are often romantic leads, but women, not so much. The more I see Melissa McCarthy the more I appreciate some subtleties of acting rather than just the comedic stuff. She has a good rapport with her co-star, and of course with the voice and image of James Corden, who I...

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