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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)


1/10: Comic book reality. They deserved better
Sunday, February 5, 2017

Although we have only just nudged our way into February I nominate this as a contender for Worst Film of 2017. It might even win.This is a film of two halves. In fact the transition between one and the other is so abrupt that you could be forgiven for thinking you are watching two different films. The first half is comprised of two acts.Act 1 sees us in Disneyland with a saccharine sweet love story told as only the Americans can do with a plethora of sickly smiles, gleaming perfect white teeth, pretty pastel colours and every damn country boy and country girl cliché in the teenage book of dreamy heart fluttering romance.Act 2 Army training camp. New wet behind the ears recruits and a sergeant major set on making men of them. Familiar territory. You know the score: the recruits will be wheeled out fully formed and ready labelled from the casting department.. The tough one...

9/10: A film that is as courageous as its subject and as violent as the war it portrays
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge is the latest film from the infamous Mel Gibson and it is as electrifying as one would come to expect. Telling the story of Desmond Doss, an Army medic that refused to carry a weapon through the hell fire of battle in Okinawa at the height of World War II. The untold story of Doss is one that is of the finer war hero stories that anyone could tell. Starring Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaughn, Sam Worthington and Teresa Palmer, Hacksaw Ridge is a beautifully acted and viciously portrayed war film that will stick with you from the minute the film starts until the second the end credits start. It will leave you clawing your seat, wiping away the sweat from your palms as we see Garfield's Doss save as many lives as he possibly can while dodging bullets and hand grenades. The film starts in the most somber of times in American history, the second world war...

10/10: Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie
Monday, October 17, 2016

War films can be a bit hard to sit through, with its graphic depictions of key battles in history, strong themes of power, brotherhood and the effect it has among the world but with Mel Gibson's latest war drama 'Hacksaw Ridge' it manages to be something more that we can grasp it.The true life story of Desmond Doss is finally brought to the big screen, Doss was a US Army medic who served during WWII, but coming from a family with a strong religious beliefs and a father that struggled with the aftermath of WWI (a veteran himself) it lead him to be a Seventh-day Adventist, refusing to bare a firearm and the use of violence against another. His personal choice would affect his country's army and persuaded a court hearing to charge Doss for his personal beliefs and objection to bare arms but despite this, he is given the chance though to fight alongside his...

3/10: I am astonished by the reviews and score
Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I begin my review by saying that I respect the history and the events that took place in WW2 and I have the utmost respect for the guys who gave their life for that cause. Having said that, let me tell you my opinion about the movie. And only the movie.Well, first of all I found it dull and uninteresting. The actors were fake. The scenes looked like rehearsals and uncut material. It was split in two half: the first was about nothing (well you could say stubbornness and stupidity because I was made to fell nothing for the main character except annoyed and uninterested) and the second about guts and gore. Did I said the actors looked FAKE? Oh, yeah. But man, oh man that was the main problem for me. The actors looked fake and the entire movie looked like a poorly made joke.The plot was something like this: let's establish the motives, good. Now...

10/10: Welcome back Mr Gibson
Sunday, September 25, 2016

When thinking about war films, it's very hard not to go straight to the classics such as Apocalypse Now, Platoon or Saving Private Ryan. You have to make something very special to be mentioned in the same sentence as films like those and in Hacksaw Ridge, I think Mel Gibson has made one of the all time great war films.Some war films use a particular war from history to tell a fictional story, all three of the above for example however, a war film for me becomes something else entirely when it tells a true story, especially one as remarkable as the story that Hacksaw Ridge is based on.Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield) became the first Conscientious Objector in American history to be awarded the Medal of Honour even though he refused to kill or even carry a rifle while serving as a medic during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II. Doss' phenomenal story of...

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