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Wolf Town (2011)

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Movie Cast


6/10: Really unimpressive creature feature Hoping...
Thursday, June 25, 2015

Really unimpressive creature feature Hoping to use a spur-of-the-moment camping trip to win his dream-girl, a couple of friends tag along and stumble upon an abandoned mining town that serves as the home to a pack of vicious, killer wolves, forcing them to fight off the creatures to get away alive.This was a somewhat decent effort here that does have some rather enjoyable aspects. One of the few good parts to this one is the creepy ghost-town setting in here that gives this one some great elements due to that as the film gets quite a lot of work with the setting of the film. There's some good use of the familiar image here with the long dirt roads, dusty trails and wooden storefronts that evokes so many classic westerns which makes for the great reversal being in such territory while giving this one some rather nicely-designed setting here. There's a...

2/10: Not good I agree with...
Monday, September 23, 2013

Not good I agree with portions of some other reviewers. The attack scenes are really poorly done and so is the camera work. The acting is decent since the writing is poor. A frontier town from the late 1800's but it had a tractor? Levi Fiehler plays a super wuss named Kyle. He not only acts it well but looks the part too. Man I tell you if these wolves really existed they would need to be found because they are super geniuses. They know to rip out a chunk of ignition wiring so not only won't the car start but there is not enough wire left to splice them together. They also steal bags from vehicles thereby taking any supplies that might help the humans survive. There are hardly any verified wolf attacks on humans yet these wolves ancestors (unless they are immortal) wiped out a town of 150 settlers armed with lever action rifles. I don...

4/10: YAAAAAAWN!!!! We've seen it...
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YAAAAAAWN!!!! We've seen it all before... Well as we get more advanced in CGI and other effects one would think that films would get better and more so typical predictable American films, Here we have Yet again a group of young adults find themselves looking for gold in an old American town they are all more or less models again as is the norm in American films?? no one seems to be ugly these days?, there is a mine there and they discover an old book from the residents that lived there many years ago, The town is deserted and this book explains why, i wont spoil the plot but its weak and as normal the people in the movie (x3 men x1 woman) all have to fight for their lives, there is NO special affects hardly any gore the plot is weak and its the kinda films where the girl is the spice of the film the men...

2/10: There's wolves in them...
Thursday, March 26, 2015

There's wolves in them thar hills. During the gold rush, the prospecting town of Paradise is attacked by a pack of wolves, the animals wiping out all of the inhabitants, who are unable to save themselves despite being armed to the teeth with rifles and dynamite. Cut to the present day, and a group of college friends travel to the ghost town as part of a history project; lo and behold, the wolves still run the place, and are mightily upset by the intrusion.Yes, Wolf Town really is as dreadful as it sounds: its hairy killers are not only able to dodge bullets and avoid detection for a century and a half, but they also have enough intelligence to sabotage a car by ripping out its wiring and steal their victim's provisions. Clever wolfies! Meanwhile, the youngsters who stray onto the wolfs' territory display next to no common sense (they're certainly less switched on than the...

2/10: Skip it, not worth the...
Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skip it, not worth the dollar I paid to rent it. This movie is a waste of film. I saw another movie, looks to be filmed around the same time, about several friends on an island being attacked by dogs, which while not great, is 10 stars above this one, but I can't recall the name. This movie is very low budget. First of all, there are only 4 actors, not the usual 6-8 you would expect in this type of movie. Literally 4 actors, no one in the background, no one else seen ever in the film. Since there are so few actors, only one can be killed off otherwise there would be no one left to create tension. It's three boys and one girl, a relative sausage fest. The female character doesn't' even take off her jacket, so forget your thoughts of gratuitous nudity, nope not here. This movie is rated R? For what...

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