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V/H/S (2012)

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Anthologies are, by their very...
Saturday, July 11, 2020

Anthologies are, by their very nature, pretty mixed. And found footage horror is not my kettle o' fish. So a found footage horror anthology did not have me ecstatic. I actually didn't mind _V/H/S_ though, this was actually better than a loot of the found footage stuff I've seen, even if they do lean hard into the most annoying things about it, say for instance, video quality, which is (intentionally) abysmal. The framing device didn't work for me though, like, at all. I was very confused, and even if I hadn't been, I wasn't engaged by it at all. Which is a real shame, because I am particularly fond of the director of that part of the film, Adam Wingard. The entries over all weren't amazing, but, almost every segment of _V/H/S_ had a real good "oh shit" sort of a **moment** in it that was real intense, and I...

Creeper Compendium. The horror anthology...
Saturday, July 11, 2020

Creeper Compendium. The horror anthology has a chequered history, some are bad but saved by one great segment, others boast a couple of genuine creepers but are undone by one instalment so bad it tarnishes the film forever. And on it goes. V/H/S brings the format into the new age by unfolding its tales by wrapping around the latest craze of found footage. Six indie directors have produced a picture that was well received at Sundance but has proved to be most divisive with critics and horror fans on internet forums. This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows their horror anthology onions. The usual problems are evident here, a couple of great stories are surrounded by mediocre ones, but at least there is something for everyone, with most bases covered, but that in itself is a problem, all horror fans have preferences, it's a big ask to expect a fan of stalk and slash...

V/H/S, 9/10...
Saturday, July 11, 2020

V/H/S, 9/10. Gory, fun and inventive - if flawed - portmanteau horror pic shot in the cinéma vérité (Cloverfield, [REC], The Blair Witch Project) style. Like all anthology pieces, some ideas work better than others but V/H/S is packed with good stuff, containing as it does six "stories" (including the wraparound segment that tenuously links them all), each directed by a different up-and-coming bright young thing in horror movies. The wraparound story is by far the worst, and bizarrely it wraps up second-to-last, but still: a bunch of petty-criminal ****ers, presently making small-but-quick bucks from a streaming porn site by attacking innocent women in the street and exposing their breasts for the camera (charming) are hired by a "fan" of the site to carry out a reasonably simple task: break into a house, sneak in, steal a specific VHS videotape (apparently they'll know it when they see it, though...

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