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The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

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10/10: "Sus Ojos" as Literature on...
Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Sus Ojos" as Literature on the Screen (long) To get the big picture before beginning this piece, I did a quick sweep of previous reviews and immediately had to ask myself: why does the same film generate such passionate applause on the one hand, and such punishing comments on the other? I suppose it goes back to the question of "sus ojos" (your eyes). Those looking for an American style murder mystery or a boy-meets-girl, loses-girl, finds-girl romance may in fact have their eyes closed to some important possibilities. But those willing to see film as a novel have an experience to look forward to an experience that satisfies and enlightens on every level."Sus Ojos" is a multilayered film that, like the work of Dostoevsky, makes us totally vested in the lives of its characters while exploring universal themes that can resonate with all of us. There are two major threads here that are worth...

10/10: A masterpiece This is quite...
Saturday, September 26, 2009

A masterpiece This is quite frankly an astonishing film. One that fills your entire array of senses and sensitivities, and the praise from Argentine reviewers here is 100 percent justified. Ricardo Darín turns in another majestic performance as a Buenos Aires court employee who is fiercely affected by the rape and murder of a young girl in 1974, a tragedy that dominates his life. Overlapping this theme is the powerfully sensual but never physical relationship between Darín and his superior, the investigating judge played by the superb Soledad Villamil. The connection between the two is electric. It's a pity this film cannot easily transcend the language barrier, if it was an English-language film of the same quality it would already be hailed as a masterpiece. The blending of tragedy, love, violence and humour is brilliant, and the comedy dialogue fantastic. One scene where Ricardo Darín is balled out for having searched an old lady's house is priceless...

10/10: A Story of Passion and...
Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Story of Passion and Commitment I can't add a lot to what has been written. The direction and cinematography aside (which is magnificent), this is an incredible psychological study, involving a group of the most complex of characters. Esposito finds himself in love with two people: the woman who was once his boss and because of inaction, left him heartbroken, and, secondly, a beautiful young rape/murder victim. Over a twenty-five year period, these forces never leave him. The rapist is his Moby Dick to his Captain Ahab. Since we don't see a lot of what happens in the intervening time, we must wonder how empty and fruitless his life has been until he has his epiphany. Mixed in all this are the politics of Argentina and the vengeance of a horrible man. Also, in the middle is the messed friend, an alcoholic, who can be a true talent, but is submerged in his problems, spending...

9/10: Extraordinary Film Last night I...
Sunday, September 6, 2009

Extraordinary Film Last night I went to watch this flick, and I must say that all in all, I ended up quite surprised because of it's impressive quality. Taking into account that I was already expecting superior film, indeed, it came out to be even more outstanding than I thought, mainly because of the rare combination of noir genre with very precise and measured funny moments and especially an incredibly faithful description of the Argentine system of justice and the characters that compose it. This last element is just perfect. The movie keeps your attention all the time -no decays at all- and the set design is also great, to such extent that it left me wondering what the tricks of the trade employed to achieve such similarity are. Foreign watchers might not fully understand some great details that are mainly local, but anyway they will surely enjoy the thrilling aspects of the film. It would be enough for...

10/10: One of the best Argentinian...
Saturday, September 12, 2009

One of the best Argentinian movies ever As an Argentinian i can affirm it, this is one of the best Argentinian movies ever.Ricardo Darin again makes a big film shot, taking his role on this great thriller movie, that mixes a little bit of fantasy and also true stories, all involved between a complex drama, with real life situations and complications.The story would simply keep you on hold until the last minute, it takes unpredicted twists even in the last half hour.Just a few thriller movies can keep your attention for so long as this movie does, even in Hollywood films is hard to find today a real great thriller that can get your eyes watching the movie all along.Also a great, unexpected, performance of Guillermo Franchella, keeping aside his usual roles as a simply comedian, to take an important play on this thriller-drama story.Truly recommended.Doesn't matter if you knew the Argentinian...

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