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The War with Grandpa (2020)


My expectations were not high...
Saturday, January 9, 2021

My expectations were not high for this one – a film shot three years ago that failed to get any kind of release, featuring some high profile names (Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Christopher Walken) and based on a huge-selling children’s book. I was surprised to find myself smiling throughout, amused both by the pace of the film and its efforts to ensure that every scene had at least one solid laugh. Pitched towards a family audience My War with Grandpa is centred around an average family who invite an older relative to live with them. Due to knee difficulties he cannot easily manage stairs so his grandson is required to give up his bedroom in order for the grandfather to have somewhere to sleep. Banished to an attic bedroom the grandson declares formal war on his senior relative and an amusing battle of wits and practical gags follows. The cast are very game and embrace the silliness of...

Rubbish. Everything about <em>'The...
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Rubbish. Everything about 'The War with Grandpa' just feels off, nothing feels right to me. What doesn't help is that the first 25-30 minutes are extremely dull, like utterly and truly boring. Once the premise gets underway it slightly improves, yet still produces nothing to remember. Even the 'war moves' that feature fairly cool scenarios just come across as very underwhelming. The acting across the board is subpar, at best. That's a major disappointment, given Robert De Niro (Ed), Uma Thurman (Sally) and Christopher Walken (Jerry) are involved. I don't necessarily feel like they weren't trying or anything, but I just didn't sense any spark from them. The kid actors, meanwhile, are average. Despite a relatively short run time of 94 minutes, I was gagging for the end credits for a rather long while. With that said, knowing me I'll still probably check out the apparently upcoming 'The World War...

Sit down, let the screen...
Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sit down, let the screen light up and enjoy the distraction. This is an amazing collection of actors having a bit of fun with a script that's something a little different. In a year where we have had some serious stinkers, you could do considerably worse than 'The War with Grandpa'. This is definitely the kind of film you'll watch once with the family, then forget it ever existed. Still, it's not a bad way to spend 94 minutes forgetting about what's going on outside the cinema doors. - Charlie David Page Read Charlie's full article... https://www.maketheswitch.com.au/article/review-the-war-with-grandpa-a-forgettable-but-fun-family-feud

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