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Malcolm & Marie (2021)

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Movie Cast


4/10: Fake deepness I really dont...
Friday, February 12, 2021

Fake deepness I really dont know..! I felt the whole movies was forced to be artistic but it is not. I felt that the dialogue was so unauthentic, i don't believe this would be a real fight.. one talks and the other listens then reply back.. this doesn't happen. They used big words that no one ever use in a fight. There whole part about the filmmaker complaining from the critics is so forced.. i felt it was so irrelevant to the whole story. The whole of black and white, is kind of forced so people would feel that it is a deep artistic movie, while in fact i felt it was so shallow. For example, marriage story was a movie about couples arguing and was so authentic than this one, we would be lessening marriage story if we compare it to this one. Zendaya's acting was disturbing.. i felt she was also forcing the drama, and...

4/10: unjustified I've to say...
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

unjustified I've to say i agree with other reviewers' stances that once you've seen the first 30 minutes, you've seen it all. it was exhausting to watch an hour and 40 minute long argument, especially one that went around in circles and repeated itself several times. a contributing factor to this is the characters who, despite being played by good, likeable actors, are both completely insufferable. zendaya gives a pretty good performance, but i can't say the same about jdw. he wasn't awful but it almost felt like he was acting for stage instead of screen. and the mac and cheese scene??? terrible. although i think the director is more to blame for that one, speaking of whom... i have to say i think on the part of levinson this film is incredibly self indulgent. you can tell he thought he was making an insightful and emotional drama, but as i wrote before, there is...

8/10: The script is buzzing-The...
Monday, February 8, 2021

The script is buzzing-The actors are trying... This film has a good script with consistent argument-building. It's easy to follow and good enough to keep you interested throughout. For the rest, acting is ok and the youth, looks and fame of the protagonists helps the viewer get more invested in the film. Cinematography is looking alright and the black n white was a good choice; character blocking looks also vibrant and there's plenty of energy in many scenes. Indeed, some might find that small parts are pretentious or unnecessary and other parts rather hilarious such as the one JDW eating with his mouth open while shouting...but these do not spoil the entire film. Overall, the director/writer did a good job creating this piece, giving moments of debate about love, politics, existence and all delivered with a great pace. Maybe this is the new Valentines Day fav movie..? 8/10 strong effort by Levinson.

9/10: This movie is one of...
Friday, February 5, 2021

This movie is one of the best relationship movies I've ever watched and here's why A lot of people won't like this movie because they'd think its so boring and dull and the characters are repeating themselves just arguing and fighting, but hey! Guess what its what real relationship issues is like , this movie a real art work taken out of actual LIFE! It not all about action , thriller and superhero's , as less thrilling as it is as real as it will ever get , relatable and touching , its like a scene of real actual two couples going through a roller coaster of emotions , arguing about love , life , work , passion , movies and relationships.The directing was so good , cinematography and the ACTING!! Zendaya and JDW gave a very real cruel amazing piece of work.

7/10: An ambitious examination of the...
Friday, February 5, 2021

An ambitious examination of the complexities of relationships To my surprise, this was a very compelling film that featured captivating and powerful performances mixed with brilliant writing. The shifting balance between the two characters keeps us on edge the entire time and we're never quite sure where it's taking us next. It's definitely a daring film to make and I'm sure it will split audiences by a large margin. It's not very easy to digest and I believe it would be better suited for the stage than the screen. However, it's a bold and confident move from the director to make this kind of film, especially in this day and age of cinema, even though it doesn't entirely work to the level of his ambition.

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