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Eternals (2021)

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8/10: Long but entertaining: a daring but flawed new step for Marvel
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Saw Eternals yesterday and although it's not Marvel's best I did like it. Marvel wants to expand its MCU and the only way to do that is to introduce new characters. Well, Eternals has a lot of them.I loved the premise of the film.It's basically about this bunch of superheroes who came to earth thousands of years ago to protect mankind from a threat. They disappear once they have succeeded but have to reunite in modern times when the threat returns. Too bad they're in for an unpleasant surprise...So far the story.With every new film with new characters and events it must become harder and harder for Marvel to fit everything into the MCU. In the film they mention The Avengers once or twice, but "strangely" Thor and friends don't interfere when earth is in trouble again. No, the Eternals have to clean up their own mess.The lovely premise also...

8/10: Eternals might be disrespectful but it is the best marvel movie in years
Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Yes, It's better than many marvel movies. This movie was made for Marvel fans and it welcomes some new fans to marvel as it is the most different marvel movie that fantasy fans will !ove, as i said, it is a very different movie from all other marvel movies, the plot was so interesting as it's gets better and better when you see the movie, some boring scenes needed to be cut from the film as they are not much important.The trailers had to hide so many clips from the movie, even the non spoiler-ous scenes for the fans to be surprised. Including the final battle, Sersi discovering herself and her relationship with both black knight and Ikaris and Thena visiting the glowing land of the celestials (my favourite scene). Angelina Jolie's Thena is the most interesting character in the film, we see her traumatic past, we also feel the emotions in her eyes. And...

6/10: Some unexpected twists but not enough two and a half hour
Friday, November 5, 2021

Eternals starts with a text explaining the creation of the world and the reason of the Eternals; but the last line says everything changed after the last mission.Then the movie goes to 5000 BC when the seven Eternals arrived, fight some DEVIANT monsters and are introduced. Then moves to present day London where two of them (Sersi and Sprite) interact with humans; but DEVIANTS (who should have been extinct) appears; so they have to fight again.Considering danger is coming back decided reunite the group again. That was pretty much what the trailer showed and takes the first half of the movie giving some screen time to each other character, a real love story and a few suggested. This first half is slow paced and low on action. Some small fights and twists are not enough to keep interest.Suddenly a reveal occurs (not totally unexpected considering the last line of text in the introduction) but turns the movie...

8/10: I don't understand how this movie is "dense
Thursday, November 4, 2021

So many critics and reviewers here said this movie is "dense" or there is alot to "unpack". I don't get it. The story is very straightforward, little to no exposition.Most of the movie is about the drama between the characters and them finding out more about the "Emergence". And the twist at the midpoint of the movie is really the only big exposition dump, and it's like 3 minutes and actually quite interesting.I liked it. It was entertaining to me. I liked the lore expansion alot, it made sense to me. And I'm a sucker for lore.The biggest weakness of the movie to me, and others will feel totally different about this, is that I couldn't root for the Eternals. The movie didn't present an alternate solution to Arishem's plan to create a new Eternal and with it trillions of lives. Without an alternative what the Eternals are doing is just...

8/10: Its not a rotten film
Friday, November 5, 2021

Having just gotten back home from seeing the film, I honestly dont get the hate it was getting. Its certainly not a "rotten film". My biggest issue is that with it being a team movie vs a solo, I did feel there was a lot of backstory to set up. And unfortunetly I think some characters get more development than others. But I overall enjoyed it. I thought it had a good balance of action, comedy and emotion. And while I didnt cry, I nearly did with a certain scene involving Ikarus and Sersi. I also liked the character building done for Sprite. She reminded me of "Claudia" from Interview with the Vampire" in a lot of ways. And I loved what it had to say around "religion" and blindy following your faith. I thought it was a very interesting and fascinating movie and definitely would be interested in expanding upon the mythos and characters. Not a perfect movie by...

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