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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

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8/10: "Captain America - all hysterics" © For...
Friday, June 8, 2018

"Captain America - all hysterics" © For a long time I did not write reviews with sarcasm. So the skill is not lost for long ... And just then a worthy candidate came out - the concentration of Pathos in it is the same as the calories in the cake.A bit about the previous set of pictures. When gangsters ravage America, masked people begin to clear the streets and return the money of depositors to savings banks. When in America there is a desire at least somehow to take part in the European military conflict - masked people make landing operations into the deep rear of the enemy, demonstrating that only the star-striped forces know how to fight. Actually, the original idea: we have a very correct morally and physically strong soldier, and you all hide behind his shield - safely migrated from the old comic book into today's movie.It's fun to watch how the directors mask political agitation. Even the...

9/10: A great, old-fashioned adventure...
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A great, old-fashioned adventure that towers above its flaws. As there's something about the the 1930s-1940s that appeals to me, I tend to prefer movies set in the era and made in its cinematic style. And being fond of the adventure genre, I anticipate movies like the Indiana Jones trilogy, "The Rocketeer", "Sky Captain And the World of Tomorrow", "The Mummy" (1999) and, of course, "Captain America".When I first heard about this movie, my expectations soared. The director was Joe Johnston, who made my favorite superhero movie, "The Rocketeer". It was set during WWII, made in a 1940s style, and scored by Alan Silvestri. Alas, my heart sank after I found out that they were going to do the whole frozen alive storyline I've always hated. But, I reasoned, the only reason they are making it is because of "The Avengers". Without that storyline, they wouldn't even be making it. Beggars can't be...

8/10: A wildly entertaining summer adventure...
Sunday, July 31, 2011

A wildly entertaining summer adventure Despite going in with incredibly low expectations, I was horrendously disappointed by Thor. It was everything I hoped it would not be, and made me worry about Captain America: The First Avenger. Even with my excitement over that film, Thor's romp through the desert made me incredibly apprehensive to think Cap's adventure would be worthwhile.After a short modern day intro, we are thrust into wartime in 1940s New York. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to fight for his country -- but has been turned away five times for health ailments and his size. Shortly after another attempt, Rogers is intercepted and quickly chosen for a Super Soldier project the US is quietly developing. He is turned into Captain America, the soldier that will help turn the tides and end the war. But while he is selling war bonds, the German science division HYDRA run by Johann Schmidt, better known as the Red Skull...

10/10: Red, White, and Blue!!! "Rocketeer...
Monday, August 1, 2011

Red, White, and Blue!!! "Rocketeer" director Joe Johnston's "Captain America" amounts to a timeless David versus Goliath tale set in the Marvel Comics' universe where good always trumps evil. Unlike "Thor" and "Green Lantern," "Captain America" ranks as a thoroughly spectacular but larger-than-life extravaganza with a genuinely charismatic hero struggling against a marvelously malignant villain. Chris Evans' engaging performance as the 'First Avenger' is something else, too! If you recall, Evans had the time of his life several years ago playing egotistical Johnny Storm, aka 'the Human Torch,' in the two "Fantastic Four" flicks. Make no mistake; Evans is nothing like he was in those two super heroic sagas. Indeed, "Captain America" boasts some amazing special effects, but its best special effect is the sincerity that Evans brings to the role of Steve Rogers. Whether he plays Rogers as either a scrawny, 98-pound zero or a brawny, fleet-footed hero, Evans imparts heart to this $140...

8/10: World War II, Marvel style...
Sunday, August 7, 2011

World War II, Marvel style 2011 is certainly the year for Marvel Studio, seeing that Thor came out earlier in the year to good reviews and a healthy box-office considering he is a lesser known hero and Captain America has done even better with critics and a stronger opening. Added to that Fox's reboot of X-Men was able to get that series right after the mess Brett Ratner left it in.Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a small, skinny man with a number of health problems who wants to fight in the American Army in 1942. After numerous times of trying to enlist a German scientist, Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) sees his determination and good heart is able to pull some strings and gets him into the army. Rogers joins a special unit and is seen as the perfect candidate to become America's first super soldier, giving him enhanced strength, speed and healing abilities. In Germany...

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