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Woman in Gold (2015)


> The fight for the Mona...
Sunday, June 7, 2020

> The fight for the Mona Lisa of Austria. Based on the true story of an elderly woman, Maria Atman, who attempt to reclaim her aunt's portrait from the museum of her birthplace. Now she's an old and American citizen, but after her sister's death the possibilities favours her when she meets a young lawyer. So these two sets a journey on one focus, that is to reunite with the family's art. How? That's the story of this beautiful movie to tell. Well, the story was a very good one as inspired by the real, but looks a so simple drama as a film, even the twist and turns. Only if it would have been a better narration, at least in a few important portions, the awards would have been poured on it rather just praises. Anyhow Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds combo were excellent, but individually she ruled and he was a low key performance...

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