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The Mosquito Coast (1986)


**Disney for Anarchists** Before there...
Saturday, May 30, 2020

**Disney for Anarchists** Before there was a McConaissance there was a Harrisance, That's right, you heard right: Harrisance. Within a few years in the 1980's Harrison da Chicago lead what was arguably the greatest adventure movie ever mounted, and possibly the best science fiction movie ever launched. He was also featured in that adorable little _Star Wars_ trilogy. Not to mention a slew of fine movies like _Presumed Innocent_, _Frantic_, _the Fugitive_, and two thrillers as Jack Ryan. Among my favourite movies from the Harrisance period (if I keep saying it, it will be a thing) were two directed by Peter Weir, an Aussie who never met a cultural clash he didn't want to shoot. Weir directed a couple of American films and chose the right man to lead them. _Witness_ was well-liked and had a righteously tough Harrison cop defending the Amish. But in my opinion, _Mosquito Coast_ was better. Look at the headliners. Harrison...

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