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Cry Wolf (2005)

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5/10: Cry_Wolf "This is high...
Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cry_Wolf "This is high school. Nothing's for real."Spoilers galore. Cry_Wolf was made and released at a peculiar time in horror. 2005 was kind of a bridge between the Scream phase of "safe" horror in regards to the lack of violence on screen, as not permitted if you market the film to a larger audience (yet, following the mold of "who is the killer?" and satirizing the slasher genre), and the "grindhouse", blood and guts of Zombie and Eli Roth. The problem with this film is that the lead "final guy" is pretty gullible and easily manipulated. Anyone could see that red-headed hottie, Dodger (Lindy Booth) is *forbidden fruit*. She just doesn't look trustworthy, and I think anyone somewhat together can see Dodger might be the culprit arranging the whole scenario that is the genesis of the movie's stalk-n-slash formula. I dig the look of the "killer", though, and think he's...

2/10: Cry Wolf, ooh oooh, time...
Friday, September 2, 2011

Cry Wolf, ooh oooh, time to worry. Of course, the title of this review will only make sense to those familiar with the pop song of the same name by Norwegian popsters A-ha. The cheesy song, warbled with gusto by the angular faced Morten Harket, is considerably better than the film of the same name. In fact, running the tune on a continuous loop for 94 minutes is far more appealing than ever having to sit through this movie again.Directed by Jeff Wadlow, who used the money he won at the 2002 Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival to fund the project, film has a smart premise and big ambitions. Unfortunately the premise, kids at posh prep school play a lying game and invent a serial killer-who surprise to surprise comes real, is not exploited to any level of decent entertainment, horror, thriller or otherwise. It's badly acted by Julian Morris (amusingly over emphasising his English accent...

1/10: Cry Wolf Droppings! From the...
Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cry Wolf Droppings! From the visionary director of Manual Labor and Catching Kringle comes the ultimate in bloodless terror! If anaemic shocks fused with telegraphed twists and sub Scream shenanigans is your idea of horror movie heaven, then Cry Wolf will drive you into a frenzy!Set in a boarding school for bratty rich-kids, the storyline deals with the fabrication of a Serial-Killer-On-Campus scare-story by a group of dopey students. After passing it off to the rest of the school as the never-ending-truth via e-mail, they come a cropper when a real mad knife-man comes-a-knocking. Doh! Following some weak-kneed thrills and wishy-washy attempts at horror, we arrive at a super-unshocking, super-silly denouement with some hypocritical moralising thrown in for good measure.In all fairness, the material does have a whiff of potential and in more capable, creative hands it could have been a good piece...

3/10: Please don't bother I...
Sunday, June 17, 2007

Please don't bother I'm a fan of slasher/ horror films. Not this one, though. Truly poor, predictable and badly acted. There are a handful of what one might term plot 'twists'. I watched it with a group of 3 friends and we guessed every single one of them. One of the major ones we guessed within 20 minutes of the film starting. And it boasts some of the worst English accents I've heard in a while. Do not watch this film - you will want the 90 minutes of your life back afterwards. Also, it was incredibly like a film I remember seeing a while back called Gossip, I think. That wasn't particularly good either, but it at least had the bonus of some originality over this one. This is one of the poorest example of teen horror/ slasher films I have ever seen. Even that bloke from Supernatural and Jon Bon Jovi can't redeem it...

7/10: Entertaining Tale of Manipulation When...
Thursday, December 7, 2006

Entertaining Tale of Manipulation When the troubled Owen (Julian Morris) joins the private Westlake Preparatory Academy, he meets the senior student Dodger (Lindy Booth), who invites him to participate of a game of lies with her friends. The objective of the lying game is to avoid suspicious, manipulate the friends and eliminate the enemies. The group decides to play a prank in all the mates of the high school, using a recent unsolved murder of a student in the campus. They send e-mails to all colleagues describing fake crimes with the same characteristics of the young woman committed by a serial killer called "The Wolf". Their teacher Rich Walker (Jon Bon Jovi) advises Owen how serious this joke could be. When the students of their group start to disappear, Owen, Dodger and Tom realize that the criminal became real."Cry_Wolf "was a great surprise for me, being an entertaining tale of manipulation. The engaging story has many unpredictable...

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