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Valentine (2000)


_**By-the-numbers slasher is...
Saturday, March 26, 2022

_**By-the-numbers slasher is entertaining**_ In the San Francisco area, five girls in 6th Grade reject a boy’s polite offer to dance with one of them falsely accusing him of assaulting her. Thirteen years later, when they’re all about 25 years-old, the women start receiving macabre valentines before their gruesome deaths. Who’s killing them and why? "Valentine" (2001) was made by the director of “Urban Legend” (1998), which gives you an idea of what to expect. Like “Urban Legend” and the overrated “Scream” (1996), there’s a wink of parody, but it’s done better and is actually amusing, not to mention disappears by the second half. Unlike those flicks, “Valentine” wasn’t successful at the box office, but I like it better. Sure, it’s a standard slasher with the tropes thereof, but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It’s similar in tone to “April Fool’s Day” (2008), just superior. The...

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