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witch hunt (2021)


**The problem with this film...
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

**The problem with this film is in the plot: starting from a wrong premise, the whole plot ends up going wrong.** There are certain films that we, even with all our good will, cannot find that fulfill what is necessary to be decent. This movie is one of them, and it's almost entirely to blame for a sadly poorly written plot, which pushes all the barriers of logic to create a story without any meaning. Normally, I save the technical aspects of a film for the end of my reviews, but this time it's precisely here that Ill start, because in fact it's in the production values and the visual effects and CGI that the film seems to me the most well-crafted. The movie doesn't have a good budget, but the effects are believable and look good enough. The settings aren't a problem either, being a story set in our time, and in an...

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