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Finding 'Ohana (2021)


Good watch, could watch again...
Monday, February 15, 2021

Good watch, could watch again, and can recommend. This is the closest movie I think I've ever seen to "Goonies", but definitely at a lower level of interest / quality. It is good to see more Hawaiian / Polynesian culture in movies, even if this feels like it is more of a setting than a real immersive delve, but maybe that will be more palatable exposure for audicenes. The "super natural" aspects of movie are probably the only real "problem", but clearly its part of the point of the movie. It weirdly makes the movie into a paranormal type of a movie, which (to me, at least), makes it feels almost as a slight to the Hawaiian culture that it embodies. I imagine its about the same as the movie having angels, but it feels more like Egyptian mummies. But maybe we should be taking mummies more seriously, who knows. Great little family watch. There might be more exciting things, but...

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