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Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021)


1/10: A meditation on stagnancy If...
Sunday, May 2, 2021

A meditation on stagnancy If the entire crew involved in the production of this abomination have no remorse, they ought to have. Plenty of remorse. For subjecting an already traumatized public to this collection of pixelized garbage. This silly shoot'em-up deserves to be taken out back, shot (without remorse) and buried in an anonymous plot, never to be mentioned again ... or quarantined forever in Yucca Mountain along with all other radioactive waste.Re the "movie": There wasn't a lot of character development or laying the premise for a good story. Scratch that. There was none. Plot holes are abundant and the story does not follow in most instances. It would have behooved the writers to have read some real life accounts of spies and covert action before contriving a clearly comically simple but hackneyed revenge plot using characters out of a novel they clearly did not bother to read. Clancy would by no means win any literature...

1/10: Sorry Tom This could not...
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Sorry Tom This could not have been a bigger disappointment it they tried. Tom Clancy deserves much better. This can't even be called an adaptation, because it had nothing to do with the novel. The acting was wooden the plot was weak and ludicrous and even MBJ seemed to be phoning it in, which I am very sorry to say. The technical inaccuracies made it difficult to even enjoy the action, which really wasn't that enjoyable anyway. Basically, this could have been a better movie if they had left it to a couple of shaved wombats for writing and directing. As a John Clark fan from way back, it was the absolute worst way that they could have told his story. MBJ could have knocked it out of the park if he had something better to work with.

2/10: I'm disappointed in Taylor...
Friday, April 30, 2021

I'm disappointed in Taylor Sheridan and MBJ With all the great stuff written by Sheridan and all the great roles played by Michael B Jordan you would think this movie would have been great. Not the case, unfortunately. Total waste of time. Predictable. Poorly written and acted.For a Clancy film, the gun play and action sequences were really lacking. Embarrassing excuse for a film.Maybe online book retailers should stick to selling books.Ps. To the guy complaining about car doors being opened under water... once all the air is out of the car, yes, the door can be opened with little effort.

1/10: Either make a Clancy movie...
Sunday, May 2, 2021

Either make a Clancy movie or don't As a generic soldier/spy movie, this isn't horrible. I'd give it maybe a 6--don't expect much, but it has entertaining moments. As a Tom Clancy movie, based on a book with established characters and canon, a 1 isn't a low enough rating. It has nothing to do with the book, and little to do with the Clancy universe beyond a couple of names. It's nothing more than a cheap cash grab using the Clancy name. People need to either come up with original IPs, or at least attempt to stick a little closer to the namesake material.

1/10: Terrible waste of my time...
Sunday, May 2, 2021

Terrible waste of my time and yours! The script writers should be ashamed of themselves. I read all of Clancy's books and have always loved without remorse. This movie has only two things correct to the book: 1: The main characters name is John Kelly/Clark 2: He is/was a Navy SEAL.Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave at this terrible adaptation.Side note: I love reading the reviews from people saying that the only reason people are giving this movie terrible reviews is because they can't handle an African American as the main character. What a joke.

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