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The Last Man (2018)


3/10: A 21st century mish-mosh
Monday, May 6, 2019

Imagine your screenwriting professor hands you the following assignment: craft a script that builds a collage of at least 5 films and includes absolutely nothing original. The last man apparently was written for that class. It's 1 part "Jacob's Ladder", 1 part "Babylon AD", 1 part "Take Shelter", 1 part "Mutant Chronicles" (for the shots of vintage trench warfare in the 21st century), 1 part "Green Room" (for the cheese eating neo-Nazis) and a bit of "The Sixth Sense". Nothing about it is good.The plot goes something like this: a soldier with PTSD returns to his family house in the city he grew up in, and after an encounter with a street preacher decides to build a secret bunker in the basement, which puts him at odds with his boss, who accuses him of stealing money from the company to pay for the equipment. He is put into a mental institution that is predictably operating at...

3/10: VIEWS ON FILM review of The Last Man
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Narration from an unrecognizable Hayden Christensen that feels as if it was lifted from Harrison Ford circa 1982. Co-star Harvey Keitel saying his lines as if he were reading them from cue cards. Cringe-worthy dialogue, obvious Pink Floyd references, a tired Mexican standoff, and acting that screams straight-to-video. Interior dig shots so dark and droll, you can't see what the heck is going on. Doofus side characters that look too much alike. It's all here in The Last Man (my latest review). Once is the "last" time I plan on seeing The Last Man. Sadly it's the Ishtar of science fiction endeavors. Natch!Anyway, "Man" takes place in the future and was filmed in Argentina. Its musical score is decently apocalyptic while its look is rainy, thundered, and ho-hum dystopian. As for The Last Man's story, well it's about a combat veteran who has post-traumatic stress disorder. With advice...

2/10: Boo. Yawn. Zzzzz
Saturday, August 24, 2019

Didn't really get it. Attempted to be an artsy, apocalyptic, sci-fi flick, but fell on its face. I tried staying interested in the characters, but just didn't care. I fell asleep about half way through. Woke up toward the end and was like "oh, it doesn't look like I missed much."With the world seemingly coming to an end, they sure spend a lot of time discussing who stole a bunch of money. Didn't care.Not that it needs more light shone on it, but I did like that the film tried shining a light on PTSD. However, the rest of it was so bad, that you didn't care when he said goodbye to his imaginary friends, ala A Beautiful Mind. Ok, so that made me Google symptoms of PTSD and I learned that it can mimic schizophrenia.I really only watched it because Keitel was in it. Who doesn't love Winston Wolfe...

4/10: The Coming Storm
Friday, August 10, 2018

Tov (Hayden Christensen) is a vet with PTSD which causes him to hallucinate about his dead friend Johnny (Justin Kelly) and a small boy. He believes the end of the world is near, and indeed there was a recent war; vaccines have failed; and climate change is creating a deadly storm from the upper atmosphere that will engulf the world. He adheres to prophet Harvey Keitel. The location is a non-US city where people have Italian, Irish, French, and Eastern European accents. (Filmed in Canada and Argentina). Gangs of Nazis with light blue shirts and suspenders roam the streets and causes conflict with the doomsday people. Tov gets a job in security, and builds a shelter while the world thinks he is crazy. The film moved slow. You painfully wait for the world to end. Yet at the same time you want to know what will happen. Liz Solari provides some brief eye candy in a gray background. Guide...

4/10: it tries to be real
Saturday, September 29, 2018

The best thing I can say about it is that it tries to be. Not "good", but "something". The film essentially meanders between apocalyptic sci-fi, noir (à la Mute), some kind of parable about climate change and traces of post-Vietnam war movies (PTSD). It just doesn't do too well in any of those fronts, choosing instead to bury down in itself with the promise of meaning. If you hate voice over, or simply think that it is a poor substitute for good storytelling (or storyshowing), and a crutch for emotional exposition, just stay aeay from this dissapointing film.No, not even if you are a Harvey Keitel fan, or like the genre. It will not add much to your life

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