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sniper (2020)

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6/10: Okay
Saturday, January 16, 2021

The story is okay-ish and parts of the plot are very predictable, there are twists and turns that are not hard to figure out beforehand but they serve the story well. My biggest issue with this movie is the fact that the music goes unbearably loud in some scenes follow by inaudible dialogue and we're left with an uneasy viewing experience. The acting is serviceable in some parts while the others are quite atrocious. The action scenes are not well staged to be honest, the acting when a person gets shot is very bad, it's as if little kids are playing with toys guns and pretending they shooting each other. This movie also suffers from same old mix of typical editing style of an action movie. The few special effects that are on display are not bad considering the budget. But if one thing stands out in this film is the cinematography; the camera work is quite...

1/10: A ridiculous waste of time
Monday, August 10, 2020

If you decide against watching this movie because of this review, you're welcome. This is a Chinese movie trying to be international. It fails

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