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Worth (2021)


8/10: The 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund
Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Michael Keaton stars with Stanley Tucci, Amy Ryan, Tate Donovan, Shunori Ramanathan, Laura Benanti, Talia Balsam, and Chris Tardio in "Worth" from 2020.Worth is the story of the attempt by the government to manage the inevitable lawsuits that will come after the 9/11 tragedy. An attorney, Kenneth Feinberg, who wants to help, signs on pro bono to bring in 80% of the survivor families and decide on an equitable payment for each person.Feinberg and his assistant, Camille (Ryan) soon learn that it's an impossible task. They are dealing with diverse situations in each case, not to mention angry and grieving people who are convinced the government is out to cheat them.Feinberg sets up parameters, but they're a disaster. Those who discover later that they are ill from being on the scene are not eligible, gay partners are not eligible, and on and on. The big earners, represented by Tate Donovan, want their award increased...

8/10: An engrossing film on what a person is worth
Friday, March 20, 2020

What is a person's life worth? That is the opening question of the movie as a law professor Kenneth Feinberg poses the question to his law students. After the 9/11 attacks, Michael Keaton (as Feinberg) is a lawyer tasked as a Special Master by the President to decide what each one of the 9/11 victims or their next of kin should receive in terms of monetary compensation. The government has stepped in to help with the compensation because to allow individual lawsuits against the major airlines and the businesses within the twin towers would alter the entire domestic economy. The movie is a very well-acted drama of the business aspects of the aftermath of 9/11 put into human terms.The movie focuses on several groups of characters: the very wealthy who think they are worth more than others, first responders represented by two firemen, and a gay couple whose relationship was not recognized by law...

9/10: Splendidly Portrayed
Friday, September 3, 2021

The movie initially played at Sundance Film Festival 2020 and came to Netflix only as late as September 3rd, 2021, which was when I got to see it. The film was absolutely worth waiting for. It was jam-packed with intrigue, intensity, and amazing performances.Stanley Tucci's Charles Wolf and Michael Keaton's Ken Feinberg were the real scene-stealers in this amazing 9-11 drama that was originally titled "What Is Life Worth?".Max Borenstein did some neat work on screenplay. His dialogues were deep and sharp.Sara Colangelo's direction kept the flow of the film focused and undeviating.Let me get something out of the way... There's nothing particularly new or original about "Worth" 2021 movie on Netflix. It covered a topic that has already been done times one hundred, namely the 9-11 terrorist bombings of the Twin Towers, aka World Trade Centre, in New York.This story focused mainly on lawyer Ken Feinberg...

7/10: Very informative and emotional
Sunday, September 5, 2021

I was in my early forties when 9/11 happened. I remember Dan Rather at the six o'clock news saying "good evening, you'll remember this day, for as long as you live." While that was true of course, I never really followed the 9/11 fund drama. I suppose I just didn't think about things like compensation for those injured. However this film brings this fascinating story to light in a way that turned all of those victims into real people. ALL of the performers are first rate!I must say my opinion of the legal profession as a dirt-ridden tool of the wealthy was also well supported. The idea that CEO families should be made not just solvent, but super-wealthy again infuriated me. It's as if every contingency of life must be made soft and luxurious for the wealthy. Patoohy to that!The stories of the real people were heartbreaking. The gay partner...

4/10: A Christmas Carol meets tragedy
Wednesday, September 8, 2021

This film can be summed up by thinking of Ebenezer Scrooge. The main character is a stuffy, bureaucratic style of guy and only focusses on facts and statistics.SUDDENLY...After as series of encounters with families of the victims of the 9-11 attacks, he mellows and suddenly starts treating all families with the milk of human kindness.This film actually begs the question of whether or not this truly happened! If it did then it is baffling that one man could have had such power to compensate (or not) all of the families. If this is embellished then it is just completely weird to take a subject such as this and weave in a Christmas Carol style of humanity awakening!Subjectively speaking though, as a film, it was OK and highlighted the polarisation of wealth in the USA

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