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My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It To (2021)

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5/10: Could have been Fantastic This...
Monday, June 28, 2021

Could have been Fantastic This is one of those movies that gets so many of the elements that make a movie great , correct. Beautifully shot, with wonderful performances from the 3 leads, and a genuinely haunting atmosphere, it unfortunately had the potential for greatness but fails when it comes to the script, dialogue and plot. Sometimes less is more, but in this case, less is just less. With minimal dialogue, another modern movie with not much explanation, the people behind these types of films seem to believe that atmosphere and great actors are enough. Give the actors something to do. At the base of it, this is a man wanting to leave behind some family obligations and while there is much more to it supposedly , you wouldn't really know that from what is onscreen. This is one of those movies that moves slowly, characters ask questions of other characters, but they get no answer. I wanted to love this...

8/10: Grossly entertaining and Painfully educating...
Saturday, July 10, 2021

Grossly entertaining and Painfully educating You are doomed when you can't give up. Movie's tone of visual sets our mind on the grief collected by each individual sibling to their existence. The indefiniteness of three siblings is skillfully portrayed by the cast. I think story represent much common and painful dilemma. I think the blood thirst of Thomas represent a problematic addiction and how it eventually devour their already sad and hardly surviving family.Jessie represt the motherly figure who don't stop at nothing to provide and keep the fam together also the one who sacrificed all herself in her mission. Dwight is the one who is shoved the man of the house responsibility upon himself who is living in-between the reality and fantasy. Thomas being the needy and fragile. And tragically as inevitable it is the fragile and worn-out meet the destined ends creating the way out for the dreamer and wayfarer. Afterall sticking...

3/10: I gave it a 3...
Monday, June 28, 2021

I gave it a 3 only for the failed effort This movie is incredibly boring and gross. To be honest I watched the first 50 minutes (I believe it's a proof of endurance) and, since I was bored to death up till then, I gave it up. Not worth your time, much less your money. This is one of those examples of bad movies that, for some reason (lobbying, networking) get way too high ratings that are not deserved. It's a low budget, slow movie, lacking any plot or element that might get you to relate to or keep you entartained. The actors look and act like they were highly sedated before undertaking their jobs.

4/10: Fundamentally flawed! It's sort...
Sunday, June 27, 2021

Fundamentally flawed! It's sort of a story about a teenage vampire. Problem is, there's literally no need for his family to kill people for blood so the guy could "eat". Bloodletting is a real thing and it doesn't require murder. This fundamental flaw really made the movie hardly believable and relatively pointless. Because of this concept issue, I wouldn't recommend this movie and wouldn't watch it again. The acting is relatively believable and the cinematography is good, otherwise it would have received a lower rating from me.

8/10: Unique It is a unique...
Friday, June 25, 2021

Unique It is a unique original horror film that is very beautifully written and shot. It has a really catchy idea that is both creepy and heartbreaking. It is so simple yet it has a very creepy atmosphere without any forced efforts. Performances are superb. If you're into indie horrors then My Heart Can't Beat Until You Tell It To is a must see.

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