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Cosmic Sin (2021)

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1/10: Cosmic waste of time. Bruce...
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Cosmic waste of time. Bruce Willis stopped caring ages ago, he's here to collect a cheque while doing the least amount of work possible. He's acting like he doesn't care, and it shows, from his very first scene he looks bored and that never changes. The problem with Bruce's approach of not caring is this; if he doesn't care, why should we?Frank Grillo's always going to be a B-grade actor because he takes what he gets. I can imagine he turns down proper dumpster fire scripts on occasion, but for the most part I'd say he's in it for the cash. Although, he's hardly in this film.With those two being the main characters, I immediately knew it wasn't going to be a good movie. The story line is boring & nonsensical, the actors are bad to middling at best. The writer can't even properly weave exposition into...

2/10: Bruce takes another B trash...
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Bruce takes another B trash dive Honestly, if you are a huge sci-fi/horror/thriller aficionado, you cannot forget genius classics like Twelve Monkeys or The 5th Element.....not gonna happen. So what happened to Bruce Willis' movie choices? Is he in a secret competition with Nicholas Cage to star in the most B movie bombs, or is he simply bored with too much idle time? The first three sentences of this script starts off with F bombs, as if this adds to its appeal (appealing to junior high kids going through puberty, perhaps). Then we hear an atmospheric breach signal from the computer (everybody hears it, by the way), but the highly-skilled astronaut/soldier does not, and berates his companion who warns him of a pending threat. He steps out of the tent and fires randomly in every direction to prove no threat exists? Who wastes ammunition in every random direction when silence to hear an approaching...

1/10: Cosmic Sin Bin I get...
Saturday, March 13, 2021

Cosmic Sin Bin I get the concept but the overall end result is a confusing mess, and the enemies well I guess the power ranges villains needed some work. The first act okay not great but works, act two is confusing as to where they go after the discovery, why is there an epic battle going on in orbit, did I miss something because just a few scenes before hand people were talking about first contact, and having those weird people coming back from the event, but why then do we go to this planet where a space battle is taking place... I hadn't heard anywhere that a full on conflict had erupted on this planet, and didn't really get whether this was the planet from where we first encounter the aliens... act 3 doesn't really exist, what was the whole thing with Bruce Willis on the space ship, somehow hanging on while taking off leaving the...

2/10: Is this for real? :) Its...
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Is this for real? :) Its a low budget C/D title (or was this some kind of a fan film?, not really sure) with Bruce Willis. Do not expect any interesting shoot outs, fight scenes or effects, story is... lets call it "simple". Couldnt watch it in one go, found myself escaping the torture every couple of minutes. Acting aligned with the simple cliche story so do not expect anything in that area as well. Very little character back story and universe lore, characters are shallow and aliens are just simple strange looking cannon fodder with high tech appearing randomly, talking some brief non sense here and there and doing silly stuff before they are shot. Sound was okay I guess for a low budget... thats why I gave it 2.I think anyone can guess how it ends in the first 5 minutes so not even bothering to put a spoiler here. If there was one thing surprising, its...

2/10: The Reviews here ain't...
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Reviews here ain't lying If you're a scifi fan like me you probably read the premise and be quite interested. Bruce Willis wasn't anything positive or negative for me but I thought it would be a sign of a high quality movie. Well... I watched the first 30 Minutes of this and... it's bad. Like really bad. It's not like this one thing in it is bad like for example the plot is a bit weak. But when you're at the point where even I critique the cinematography and color grading you have to be at a very low point to the degree of college-first-indie-movie-attempts-bad. This is usually stuff I can overlook quite easily because I don't notice.This film basically has everything bad a film can have. From every category. Take your pick what you think is the worst.

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