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concussion (2015)


5/10: Have You Thought About Squash Instead
Tuesday, November 8, 2016

When I was a child the favorite American sport was baseball. Interest in football was limited to college teams because there were no professional teams. Over the years football seems to have eclipsed baseball as the national sport. And the reason is easy to understand. Baseball has a lot of slack time. The pitcher has to survey the field, the batter has to get in position, sometimes he lets the ball sail by, and there's very little physical contact.Compared to football it's dull. Football has a cabal of behemoths bashing one another. The only pause in the action occurs when the teams run together for a huddle. Now we have basketball, which is all action all the time. Movies have pretty much followed the same trajectory. If a good film like "Bullett" had a thrilling high-speed pursuit, similar films now begin and end with a car chase. And they usually end with exploding fireballs. The snub...

6/10: I don't care about American Football at all, but I liked it
Thursday, December 1, 2016

Concussion" is an American movie from last year that runs for approximately 2 hours and was directed by Peter Landesman and he also wrote the script that is based on a GQ article. For Landesman, it is probably his most known work so far. The film scored a Golden Globe nomination for lead actor Will Smith and he probably also wasn't that far away from another Oscar nomination. The focus in this movie is on two subjects: medicine/science and American Football, but it is a work that does not go too much into detail in both fields, so that people without a deeper interest in these subjects can still appreciate the movie and care for the characters and contents. The film's biggest strength is probably that it is all based on real life events. The characters that have more than a couple seconds screen time all exist(ed), including Smith's of course. People with an interest...

8/10: Banging heads is not a natural thing
Saturday, December 26, 2015

After reading up about Will Smith's upcoming role in Suicide Squad,I was surprised to recently find out that before Smith returns to the Comic-Book world that he was to star in a fact-based Drama,which led to me getting ready to see the game take place.The plot:Becoming a legend in the NFL, Mike Webster finds himself struggling once he retires,with Webster being having to sell his NFL ring.Suffering from serve mental issues,Webster dies from a suicide at just 50 years old.Coming over to the US from Nigeria, Dr. Bennet Omalu decides to perform a full autopsy on Webster.Studying CT Scans done just 6 months before his death, Omalu is surprised to find no sign of Webster suffering from serve brain damage.Wanting to find out what led to Webster mentally deterioration,Omalu decides to spend his own money for extensive tissue analyses to be performed on Webster's brain...

9/10: Concussion Could Have Been A Better Film
Monday, May 30, 2016

No question about it.Concussion could have been a better film. Will Smith was obviously disappointed that he never was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal as Dr. Bennett Omalu.While I may say that he did a wonderful performance as the leading character,too bad that the film decided to make safe approaches which unfortunately weakened the film. The film directed by Peter Landesman was set back in 2002.At this time,a Nigerian forensic pathologist in Dr. Omalu discovered a brain injury known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which occurs to National Football League players after he did an autopsy on former Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster,who was found dead in his pickup truck.After releasing a report on the said findings on the degeneration of the brain that is highly possible for football players,he fights a battle against the league to suppress his research on it.Too bad that instead of focusing on...

9/10: The hits just keep on coming
Wednesday, January 6, 2016

from Japan's Sony Corp. against America. Japan's latest assault on American Values, CONCUSSION, is particularly insidious, being so well acted, edited, and paced that it merits a rating of "9" as a product of world cinema. However, any True Blue American would give CONCUSSION a mark of "2" at best, since it besmirches our current National Religion, NFL Football (which, as CONCUSSION emphasizes, has stolen the ownership of American Sundays from their long-time possessor, Christianity). CONCUSSION's bottom line is that 28% of NFL players will die young of the CTE brain condition that Will Smith discovers during this movie. C'Mon, folks, do the math: Even IF that's true, the remaining two-thirds of Pro Bowlers won't get Alzheimer's until they're in their 80s, like Bart Starr! More importantly, without PeeWee, Middle and High School, and College Football, America would surely lose at least half of its professional Servicemen (All-Girl Army...

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