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Headcheese the Movie (2020)

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1/10: if youre honest and use the ffwd1.5-2 button
Sunday, February 14, 2021

Then youll have quite abit comedy show, even the music works, play it on real speed youll leave it unless your cast and crew. its a terrible ''technical'' production on every branch, and the fever of making homemade videocinematography because thats fun and the best turns 109F.the acting seems like a klebsiella infection on the loose, and the beastie boy trolls are worse and lamer than any ive seen ever, and that is a lot. the ''special effects'' uses all of grandma bakers baking stuff and colours they could find in the kitchen closet, but they seem to have forgotten what a squirt of heinz couldve done.so why do the grumpy old man give a generous 1 stars for this pillbarking bikers pandemonium. well there are some storyline

10/10: Fun creature feature. Rock n Roll Highschool meets the ghoulies
Sunday, May 17, 2020

Reminiscent of the 1980's the Blob movie, this is a fun self aware Troma style entertaining movie. Never takes its self serious. And Richie can actually act

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