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Best Sellers (2021)


9/10: I got what I wanted from this movie, safely predictable, a comfort zone to make you feel good in the end
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Michael Caine is 88, he plays his age like the pro that he is and he will bring you from despising Harris Shaw, his character, to loving Harris Shaw, in the course of the story and thanks to the determination of Lucy Stanbridge, owner of the publishing company, played by the delightful Aubrey Plaza.Shaw is a cantankerous curmudgeon writer who Lucy Stanbridge gets to open up, to her, after he nearly ruined her. She picks up wisdom from Shaw, as he finds peace from her caring for him. Predictable just like the movie magic doctors prescribed for your enjoyment. It's the classic from hopeless to hopeful to peace and new goals. Basically life, if you're lucky.You may shed a tear or two because it works that way if you understand or can relate to hardship and to final peace, especially if you're up in age yourself. There's just something special when generational differences act...

8/10: Best Sellers, if you read between the lines
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

With a little good will it's actually easy to see much more in this gem of a movie than most critics saw. It's about a generation who left little to the subsequent ones and the younger generation discovering that there is a lot more inner wealth in that locked-up chest than the bitterness the older generation was hiding behind.The start of the movie misleads you into thinking this is going to be formulaic. In the middle you worry that it may be sagging, or losing its way, when in fact that's just the changing wind and the gathering clouds. But there's a rainbow after the storm.I'm glad I watched it

5/10: Let's Not Exaggerate Its Value
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I love Michael Caine, but, this is simply not a good vehicle, script-wise. It takes itself far too seriously "comedy-wise." There is one ridiculous scene, which I certainly won't give away, but, has a touch of arson. It's beyond silly. Michael, unfortunately, doesn't have many performances left obviously due to his age. I'm sure he's grateful to be working, regardless of his immense abilities. I stuck with it until the end, but, I was deeply disappointed. Aubrey Plaza seems miscast to me. Other characters are stereotypical

5/10: Nice to see Michael Caine
Thursday, September 16, 2021

But I would have enjoyed him more if it was in another role, instead of sick, alcoholic and dirty.Apart from Mr Caine there was not much to see. Aubrey Plaza should stick to roles such as the one in Dirty Grandpa. This is what she excels at. I do understand as when she grows older she wants to find new roles, but obviously it is not for her. My tip is that she should do a couple more vulgar ones, save the money and retire.Her assistant was not very good, either.Boring story, too

8/10: Great, funny, little movie
Saturday, October 9, 2021

Don't hate the haters. They just got it wrong.Aubrey Plaza shows she's actually an actress who can play her weird self or someone completely different. Please don't pigeonhole people... And Michael Cane is brilliant as ever.The script makes fun of literary agents, cultural fads, millennials (which is unavoidable) and general norms.Great fun, with a sliver of drama. Definitely some tear-jerking at the end, for the faint of heart, but overall a great watch

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