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Zone 414 (2021)


7/10: The probvlems with cyberpunk
Sunday, September 5, 2021

For many dystopian cyberpunk genres, zone 414 is a classic example of how not to involve androids. Cyborgs, robots, androids and other forms of machine humanoids has been overdone many times. Since the eighties, with Jean Claude Van Damme in Cyborg the idea of humans living with machines has become a cliche.Guy pearce who plays the detective in search for a missing daughter to a tycoon who invented zone 414 for filthy elitists is truly an unworthy story line. I was however impressed that such a low budget film that the director used a keen eye in giving us a believable environment where high tech meets old school smarts.Another factor, is that some of the dialogue was very simple in nature. Not a lot of intellectual jargon that helps propel each character's role play to a higher status. Also very diminutive extra characters that seemed out of place with a few quirky eye shots or random glances...

3/10: Zone 414
Wednesday, September 15, 2021

This is a low rent, cheapo knock off Blade Runner meet Westworld.The Harrison Ford role goes to Guy Pearce. He plays David Carmichael, a no nonsense former cop. After being vetted by Joseph Veidt, a psychiatrist. David is hired to find the missing daughter of billionaire Marlon Veidt, the older brother of Joseph.Melissa Veidt has been missing for several weeks in Zone 414. A place where lifelike androids created by Marlon Veidt can interact with humans. In many ways it's a seedy pleasure palace where humans pay a fortune to go and have sex with the androids.Melissa was close to a very highly developed sentient android called Jane. She is the one who might know more about Zone 414 and Melissa's fate.Zone 414 starts off interestingly enough but cannot hide its B movie roots and ultra low budget.The prosthetics on the actor playing Marlon is poor. There is too much talking and a...

4/10: Ultimately fails
Sunday, September 19, 2021

There are some scenes where this pretty decent, but they start becoming few and far between. The script, in particular, is way too amateurish and the directing can't compensate. The actors are clearly better than the material. It's hard for them to sell it, though. Had the script been more refined it would have been alright. Dialogue, in particular, has problems. Except for the guy from Vikings, who gives an absolutely abysmal performance. Truly terrible.But it's also difficulties because of its budget. Projecting the near future on a budget is tricky. This does not pull it off. Some sets work. Some long shots work. Even some themes work here. But the sensationalism tramps them down, and the concessions to other aspects cause this thing to die by a thousand little cuts. It's a made for TV film, I think? It's ambitious for that format. It was unwise to draw parallels to Blade Runner, though...

9/10: Cyberpunk Triumph
Saturday, September 4, 2021

This is how you make the impossible - possible , i mean honestly.... you make a 5 million $ budget movie so good that it rivals a 150 Million$ budget Blade Runner 2049 , That to me speaks talent, magic and pure wonder ! Yeah it may not have the special effects , graphics, or any of those things, but it is so much more in Storyline, dialogue , and the actors for sure, I consider Guy Pearce the best Australian actor there is. Travis Fimmel didn't disappoint either. I mean all the actors were great. Zone 414 manages to do both , impress you and reward you. The world looks and feels like Deus Ex Mankind Divided, and that's a good thing. So if you are into Cyberpunk genre , watch this right away, you won't be disappointed, I give you my word

2/10: Twilight zone
Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Here's the scenario, Jane a sex-slave android is in great fear that a psycho killer is targeting her in a highly secured Zone 414, we see that it is impossible to catch the killer because even David, the ex-cop and ex-marine, is easily knocked down as the killer possesses cloaking as well as superhuman-lightning fast maneuvering abilities. Turns out that, at the end of the movie, for whatever unknown reason the killer is suddenly defenseless, overpowered and pounded to near death by Jane the sex slave, while David the hero is still rushing to the scene to 'rescue' her, or is it in fact the other way around? This got to be one of the greatest anti-climatic endings. Who wrote the script? Maybe that person should be sent to Zone 414

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