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After We Fell (2021)


4/10: You've heard of the sophomore slump but this is the JR jinx
Friday, October 22, 2021

Two adults acting like 7th graders, not good for each other. Cannot communicate, lie to each other, Hardin is a straight up bitch & Tessa isn't as innocent as she seems. She did like Trevor paying attention to her. Hardin needs years of therapy and now years more as he's found his mother & Vance on the counter the night before she is to marry another man & Vances new wife just became pregnant. Also Vance is Hardins biological father. This is such a screwed up story and family. This is what women really enjoy in their lives, Drama! If Hardin wasn't jealous Tessa would get bored of him and cheat on him. This is what most women do. They want something or someone till they get it then they become bored & don't want it anymore. Sure there are exceptions but this is written by a woman. This movie could've just been another 20 mins added on to...

8/10: Please, read before judging! Idk what's wrong with you ppl
Sunday, October 24, 2021

Overall the movie is almost perfect. Having finished the third part of the movie I got to learn more about the main characters. For some girls who wish they had a boyfriend like Hardin, you have no idea how hard it's for Tessa to live with someone like him, someone stubborn, introverted and cold. Yeah he's handsome, sussy, seems flawless but you can't fall in love with non-existent character who you know nothing about (except that you can fall in love with the actor himself). So, about Tessa, she's just awesome by her appearance and character. I don't know how to explain. She may be stubborn sometimes but reasonably. I love her so much (and the actress... hush... ) + Soundtracks were amazing. I shazamed about five songs while watching. And the aesthetic places and cool graphics just match the genre of the movie. Yeah, obviously, there are some cons of the movie like a bit...

3/10: Boring
Thursday, October 21, 2021

After We Fell" is a Drama movie and the third movie of the "After" franchise, in which we watch a Tessa and Hardin having some problems since they have to take some serious decisions about their lives and if they are going to continue being together or not.Since I had watched the previous two movies of this franchise I was hoping for this third movie to change something and become better than them. Unfortunately, it was mostly the same as the previous with a below average plot and a direction equally boring. The interpretations of both Josephine Langford who played as Tessa and Hero Fiennes Tiffin who played as Hardin were boring and did not lift the movie. To sum up, I have to say that "After We Fell" is not a good movie and I do not recommend you to watch it because I am sure that you will waste your time as I did by watching it

10/10: The film depicts the story of relationships that take on a better shape after a separation
Thursday, October 28, 2021

The story of the film is a very attractive love story that the story has good and beautiful twists that are perfectly suited to this type of films. Attractive actors with good games that perfectly attract the viewer and fit into this teenage romance. A good script that well explains the nature of romantic relationships at that age, which is imbued with jealousy, excitement and feelings, and the viewer completely touches those conditions. All in all, it's a lovely and engaging romance movie that the viewer enjoys to the fullest

6/10: Plain
Sunday, October 24, 2021

I watch after 1-2 without knowing the books is exist, then when I watch after 3 I got an insight from the books how the movie will tell.The reason I gave 6 out of 10 scores may because I know where the story goes and it doesnt make the movie interesting anymore.Main Casts plays quite well but the cinematography to me looks like typical US TV series ( I sense same style like vampire dieries etc), Not sure if its worth to watch in theater.I hope after 4 will perform better looks

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