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I Am Cuba (1964)

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10/10: Viva la revolucíon
Sunday, June 20, 2021

Soy Cuba (I Am Cuba in spanish) is an interesting movie that is unfortunately very unknown in the western world. This is mainly because it is not from the US, but is in fact a joint production between the Soviet Union and Cuba. Made in the early 60s, the communist government of Fidel Castro was already implemented for some time by this point, and the US cut relations with the country altogether. This meant that Cuban directors had to rely on the much more wealthy Soviet government to obtain funding and equipment for their movies. This movie is a prime example of that, because some parts actually utilize infrared cameras obtained from the russian military. Shooting with this type of camera creates a distinctive look, such as when it shows a sunlit sky that somehow has a dark appearence. Directed by a russian, the movie itself has a strong resemblence to D. W. Griffith's Intolerance, because it involves 4...

6/10: Solid
Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mikhail Kalatozov's 1964 film, I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba) is probably the most divergent film I've ever watched in terms of the quality of its constituent parts. It is, as its reputation boasts, visually stunning, imaginative, innovative, and flat out great. But, in terms of its narrative, it is hackneyed, trite, and unimaginatively anti-American in its blatant agitprop, and laughably bad. And I say this fully aware of the Ugly Americanism that has wrought the communist fervor that still grips South America, as well as the Islamic Extremism, because the propagandizing in the film has a seriously negative effect on the film, to the point that its labeling as 'Commie kitsch,' by many of its detractors, and even some of its champions, is dead on.The film was a joint Soviet-Cuban production, meant as blatant propaganda for the Communist cause, but Kalatozov's film so rhapsodized Cuban sexuality and reveled so in its visuals, that even...

10/10: excellent independent film
Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whats really different form a dictatorship centered around greed or one that's in the name of the people.Both are bad and Cuba is still not democratic yet.But this movie is good.Created in a documentary type style.At first I was surprised how it began , knowing that this was a communistic propaganda film,or seems that way.The modern hotel sequence .The beauty contest and the rock music.It later dawn on me that this was about Cuba in it's first dictatorship,right before more corruption.Baptista and Castro .Whats the difference?It first it starts out with a women name Maria who is forced to do prostitution to make end meet.Her boyfriend who sells fruit on the street wants to marry her in the church.But she reject him He eventually finds out when he goes to her hut with bananas and the tourist leaves.Then the tourist faces poverty every where .Children asking...

8/10: Cinematic Beauty - I am Cuba
Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Socialists make much better films than they do economic policies. This is a prime example of some of their best work in propaganda. It captures the realities of Cuba in the late 1950s under the corrupt Batista regime, and the necessity for an overthrow of that government (with no help from the US). This aint Woody Allen's Bananas; this is a gutsy examination of the conditions that led to the Cuban Revolution. How unfortunate that Castro was not able to implement a true democracy and sound economic principles in a new Socialist state. In reality, one despot was just replaced by another. Great filmmaking though

9/10: Thank you Cuba
Monday, September 9, 2019

Oh My God what did i Just Watch... EPIC... what a Rollercoaster, Thank You Cuba For This Masterpiece, Going Straight to my Top 100 Films list

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