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Two Distant Strangers (2021)

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2/10: A plagiarized version of that...
Monday, May 17, 2021

A plagiarized version of that video. But worse. I initially gave this movie a 4/10 and wrote a review that argued that while the premise of the short was interesting; the execution of it was brought down by the caricatural depiction of the issue. It felt like the slogan All Cops Are Bastard made into a movie, but without nuance. And without the understanding of how bad and reductive it is to boil down a rather intricate issue into a four word slogan.Then I read about and subsequently watched Groundhog Day For A Black Man. It is an excellent four minutes video, that is well made, to the point and most importantly funny and creative. It had the social commentary, the political message, yet, it focuses on the absurdity of the situation. It is peak comedy, as it takes a regular issue and exaggerates and extrapolates it to the extreme over the top ridicule. And, in that deformed...

4/10: A Challenging Review Technically this...
Monday, April 12, 2021

A Challenging Review Technically this short is very well made but that is to be expected from something Netflix is attached too. The challenging part that comes with this review is the message of the short. Many people view these messages very strongly and will fight for them no matter the quality of the flick as long as it has the message. I believe the message in the short is extremely important and meaningful but the way it was illustrated on the screen was very poor. The worst part about this film was the writing. The first 10 minutes were great but it slowly began getting more and more unrealistic and laughable for example the scene after Joey is driven home (you know if you know). This film really could have shined if it had a good writer attached that was capable of writing real compelling scenes with logic behind them. Also this short film basically copied a YouTube short...

8/10: A solid addition to the...
Friday, April 9, 2021

A solid addition to the Best Live Action Short Film Category Let me tell you this, this short film is very difficult to watch at times, cause you can't help from feeling anxious, angry and sad all at the same time. Even if the story is full of simplicity in itself, there are some impressive symbols, such as the blood with the shape of Africa, or the reference to George Floyd. Even if you didn't like the way it ended, or how it became a Groundhog-Day-like film, we must not forget the names of the REAL people who died without deserving to. The ending is so real and so important that it deserves a standing ovation, maybe not because of the film, but because of those people who will never come back and deserve that justice be done.

9/10: Masterful and wonderful... What a...
Saturday, April 24, 2021

Masterful and wonderful... What a heavy short, it starts so cute that it leads us to think it is more of a cute romance, sad mistake, sad, revolting, a beautiful tribute, a cry against racism, necessary, precise, the details of the production are incredible, the pool of blood in the form of Africa, the deaths based on Eric Garner and George Floyd (4 days ago the murderer Chauvin was convicted), the final listing named after racial victims, masterful, tight competition between the best short films at the Oscars, all wonderful...

10/10: Great short movie Wow I...
Sunday, April 25, 2021

Great short movie Wow I'm shocked with the amount of bad comments about this movie. It's simple, straight forward and it shows what happens in America when you're a black person. Don't give me that shallow argument of "not all white cops are like that". This is not what is being discussed. We are discussing systemic racism which means that we have systems and institutions that produce racially disparate outcomes, regardless of the intentions of the people who work within them.

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