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Motherless Brooklyn (2019)


**_Looks great and is well...
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

**_Looks great and is well acted, but the pacing is turgid_** >_I raise my stein to the builder who can remove ghettos without removing people as I hail the chef who can make omelettes without breaking eggs._ - Robert Moses; Open letter to Robert Caro, refuting many of the claims in Caro's biography of Moses, _The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York_ (August 26, 1974) >_Have you ever felt, in the course of reading a detective novel, a guilty thrill of relief at having a character murdered before he can step onto the page and burden you with his actual existence? Detect__ive stories always have too many characters anyway. And characters mentioned early on but never sighted, just lingering offstage, take on an awful portentous quality. Better to have them gone._ - Jonathan Lethem; _Motherless Brooklyn_ (1999) In his introduction to _The Wire: Truth Be Told_ (the official companion book to the greatest TV show ever...

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