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Know Fear (2021)

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3/10: Evil book in as basement
Saturday, March 13, 2021

After discovering an ancient book of the occult in their new home - that's when it's time to move out - Donald Capel's (David Alan Basche) wife Wendy (Amy Carlson, Blue Bloods) gets taken over by a demon. Each of the members of her family can experience the demon in its own way, whether that means seeing it, hearing it or being able to speak with it. Jami (Mallory Bechtel, Hereditary), Charlie (Jack DiFalco) and Nancy (Meeya Davis) are the young people tasked with saving her.There's one great part of this movie, the scene where Donald explains to Charlie that our problems are insignificant against the universe. It feels really authentic and left me hoping for more moments like that in this movie.Director and co-writer Jamison M. LoCascio (who worked with Adam Ambrosio on this film) has a good eye and the story has some decent twists and turns. Yet there have been so many...

10/10: Drop your jaw on the opening scene
Thursday, April 8, 2021

Loved the director (Jamison) setting up the scenes so the suspense keeps building up and up and up....... The opening scene is blazingly drop your jaw scary. You think why that in the opening scene. It sets the stage for the nail biting finish. Loved the film. Don't miss it. It's thrilling and I usually don't watch horror films. The crew behind did a great job . I would amiss if I didn't commend Adam for music that he created to set up each scene, wonderful. I have worked with all the crew shooting five films with them (Most of which have won a number perstigious awards)They are very organized, creative and a hard working bunch of guys. I think they found a wonderful platform to grow and develop their craft.Liam Mitchell

5/10: Put this one in the archives
Thursday, June 3, 2021

For most of the time I was watching this movie I was trying to figure out what I've seen the actress playing Wendy in before that she looked so familiar. And that about sums up how gripping this movie was for me.The premise of this movie held so much potential but unfortunately no-one involved managed to bring any of that potential to the screen.The most positive comment that I can make about this movie is that after spending 40+ years gathering dust in an archive somewhere, it should re-appear on the Public Domain and therefore be a perfect candidate for showing on 'The Schlocky Horror Picture Show', with Nigel updating viewers on the careers of everyone involved in the creation of this underwhelming production

2/10: You know nothing Jon Snow
Sunday, March 21, 2021

The beginning was not too bad leading into the mythology of the evil entity in this haunted house. But what follows is a TV movie attempt at a haunted house & exorcist wannabe film or even Evil Dead.As you can imagine this fell flat and the cartoon-ish characters do little to elevate a plotline that had been done many times before but more importantly done better (The exorcist, The conjuring franchises, etc) this will be forgotten as it is so bland. Even the "entity" looks like it was "inspired" or perhaps copied off a computer game (Mortal Kombat's Scorpion in a robe)... If that is the best you can do then you deserve to be forgotten

5/10: possession in the haunted house
Sunday, March 14, 2021

This flick had some good n scary moments that seemed to only lack for some cash to throw at them. Great tension build and holding but there was rarely a pay-off that could live up to that build-up. The writing and acting, too, built something good n scary. This scary story is about a possession by the house demon. The new inhabitants of the haunted house find a leather clad spell-book. Drop a little blood on that sucker and sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks

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