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Snow Dogs (2002)


6/10: A very cute and entertaining family film
Saturday, February 2, 2008

My mom has been bugging me to watch Snow Dogs, it's funny because she hates Disney and I'm such a big fan, but these movies are always typical and I had no interest in seeing the movie. But my mom insisted again and again, so I finally went ahead and watched it last night, yeah, it was very silly and predictable, but it was fun to watch because it's such a fun family film. It had cheesy jokes here and there, but they made me laugh, the great thing I that I really liked was that they didn't computer enhance any voices for the dogs, it was just a natural performance for them and it made the story just a little bit more believable. I know everyone keeps claiming that Cuba Gooding, Jr. ruined his career by making these films, but he must be doing something right, because at least he's still getting paid for...

3/10: Snow Dogs
Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I may have seen a clip on TV or in the cinemas at the time of release, and many sources informed me that this Disney film was terrible, so I had to see if that was the case, from director Brian Levant (The Flintstones, Jingle All the Way, Are We There Yet?). Basically Miami dentist Ted Brooks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) has his face on hundreds of buses in the city, and he receives a letter from Alaska informing him of the death of his birth mother, so he was adopted by Amelia (Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols). He has an inheritance to claim, so he travels to the snowy Alaskan village of Tolketna where he is given a shack, and a pack of sled dogs who aren't every keen on their new owner. Despite not getting on with the dogs, and having a cash offer from grizzly Thunder Jack (James Coburn, in his final screen appearance before his fatal...

9/10: Better Than I Thought
Saturday, January 5, 2002

When I saw the preview of this movie-(On November 3, 2001)I knew it would be another Disney comedy that the company just threw together and it would be something like "Flubber"-(Robin Williams) and "Cool Runnings"-(John Candy). But, I was wrong, this movie was a work of art. Now the only problem I had with it was, it really wasn't that funny, I mean yeah there was some funny moments in it where I even chuckled but it's not one of those laugh-out-loud comedys that I like. What I'm talking about is a movie to where a laugh out loud till I cry and disturb the people in front of me, now that's what I call a comedy. Laugh-out-loud movies like "Rush Hour"-(Jackie Chan) or "Mouse Hunt"-(Nathan Lane) and "Bandits"-(Bruce Willis)- which I thought was the funniest movie ever made. Now this movie was nothing like...

2/10: This is a sad, sad day for Cuba fans
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snow Dogs I thought could be nowhere near as bad as people have been said . I mean I've heard comments saying this turned out to be the downfall for Cuba, it's laughable, I actually expected to be pleasantly surprised, unfortunately I was dead wrong. There is not one laugh to be had in this movie, not one, in fact it looks pretty cheap production wise, and this is a Disney film!. As I've noted many times before, I think Cuba is an underrated talent and not a fluke like many people have said, but his choice in projects are peculiar. It doesn't help that the storyline itself wasn't very interesting, it just felt like an awkward type family film to be honest, even if the dogs were cute. It started off with great potential, I was enjoying the whole dentist in Miami storyline, but once it went into colder territory it started to become embarrassing...

10/10: I liked this movie because it was fun and entertaining
Sunday, January 1, 2006

I watched this movie on one of the big networks last night, and ran across it purely by accident. Since I didn't even know the title, I had to look it up on IMDb. So, I read the other comments and decided to add my own. Sure, it was a predictable plot, but what isn't? Almost no story idea is new these days, just modified, re-packaged, and directed differently. There's still a lot to enjoy! I have to say, Cuba Gooding, Jr. was perfectly cast in his role as Dr. Ted Brooks because he's so well suited to slapstick and not just serious dramatic roles (which he excels at). I really enjoyed the way his character handled surprise situations. Being a Miami dentist and suddenly finding yourself across the continent in a completely different culture, especially in wilderness Alaska, can lead to some hilarious situations, and this movie went there. The dogs were funny (enhanced...

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