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Wrath of Man (2021)


Definitely Guy Ritchie's best...
Saturday, August 21, 2021

Definitely Guy Ritchie's best in quite a while. Also, nice to see a director take his Disney dollars and return to making something original. Is it a great film? Not really. But, it's really well crafted, the story is interestingly told, and it rekindles the vibe that made Ritchie the UK's version of Tarantino when he first emerged. My only complaint isn't necessarily about this film specifically but more it's "type" by which I mean it's yet another film about a guy with a secret badass background who goes on a revenge spree. John Wick, Taken, Nobody, The Equalizer, and so many others have done the same thing. Apparently bullets don't do permanent damage to lead characters? Seriously, with the damage he takes in this film he should have spent the runtime changing a colostomy bag and being wheeled to the TV to watch cartoons while drooling down his chest. But, again, that...

If you want an evil...
Sunday, July 25, 2021

If you want an evil militant and criminal drama at the same time, then you will get everything at once and even more. Just consider that the "Wrath of Man" is not only about shooting and unrestrained action. If someone from friends ask me to advise a good thriller, I would recommend the "Wrath of Man" along with other movies of Guy Ritchie.

Solid revenge-thriller with the...
Thursday, July 15, 2021

Solid revenge-thriller with the usual bad-ass performance from Jason Statham. Doesn't exactly have the flare of the usual Guy Richie film but little touches here and there. The pacing feels a tad off probably because it switches from H's (Statham) POV to that of the robbers who really didn't do much for me. Still, well worth checking out. **3.75/5**

Wrath of man Has all...
Saturday, July 10, 2021

Wrath of man Has all any action movie needs. A plot of intrigue and mystery with a angry person looking for revenge. honestly did not expect the movie to be good but it came out brilliantly. A man just trying getting justice for what he felt is right. The movie keeps u glued and don't lose interest. Overall good movie.

**Brazen, Brutal, & BLOODY ; Smart, Sleek...
Thursday, July 1, 2021

**Brazen, Brutal, & BLOODY ; Smart, Sleek & STYLISH . But Was It " INSPIRING " , Uplifting Or Even " Particularly " -{ REMARKABLE }-❓. . . I'm Afraid The Answer Is " NO ⛔ " .** A Good, Old Fashioned -{ " **_B I G_** " }- Screen Mini Review . " 'Wrath Of Man' is more violent, more gritty ..than.. -{ Any }- of my other films " . ( Director Guy Ritchie, from an official 'Entertainment Access' featurette ) . So there it is, the man himself, saying it... -{ Exactly }- ...like it is. And "gritty" -could not- have been a more ( -Apt- ) choice of words, because if you're expecting any 'exceptionally' lavish or Mind-blowing set-pieces from this particular cinematic endeavour, then I ask you not to hold your breath, in earnest. And that is because . . . . { with the ( sole ) exception of the very -fleeting- , & "solitary" , " Staples-Center 🌆 Shot " ....( that also showcases a few quintessentially 'glitter-ey' night time downtown Los Angeles high rises )... and -Is- indeed, in-all-fairness, "Dazzlingly Spectacular" from a cinematographic standpoint, atleast, ( -No- spoilers here : the said scene...

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