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Why Did You Kill Me? (2021)

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4/10: I don't know what...
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I don't know what's so surprising. Well documented story. But i'm going to get into what happened. Maybe it's just me who can't relate to this, but really i wish these people actually use their brains. It's really not that hard to stay out of trouble. People inviting you to join a gang? USE YOUR HEAD. If you get involved, it's your fault for getting involved. It's YOUR fault. There's no forgiveness or excuses for that. "oh i was young, i liked what they were doing" well this is what you get. No surprises. These are just reasons that you come up with to forgive yourself. And you don't get my sympathy for it. Use your brain. THINK.AND don't even get me started on the victim's family (except the sweet lovely cousin). You get yourself into fights, you sell drugs, you feed into this vicious cycle, it...

7/10: Very hard to watch the...
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Very hard to watch the hopelessness of it all No winners here. A crystal meth addicted mom seeks justice for the murder of her daughter by gang violence and while she doesn't trust the police, she takes matters into her own hands.A grief stricken mother wanting justice for the murder of her daughter might seem like an ambitious, brave quest, yet somehow, since the mother was a meth dealer, and might have had her part in other peoples drug related deaths, I find it hard to find sympathy as much as I would have had she been an upstanding member of society. Add to the story her eldest son was in a way involved in the events that lead to her daughters horrible death, and the multiple young Mexican men or from Mexican heritage poor lives that almost push them into gang life, there are no winners here.Her niece makes up two fake My Space accounts which...

4/10: Could have been a lot...
Friday, April 16, 2021

Could have been a lot better I'm a true crime lover, and this was a story that could have made for a very good documentary. But it was presented in a confusing manner, especially at the start. I was difficult to work out what actually happened - it's not until about half way through that they reveal enough so that you know the basic facts about how the murder took place.I guess this was all to keep the viewer hooked - they want you to keep watching so they hide basic facts. A typical Netflix way of doing things I have to say.Part of the confusion though was that the family of the young woman who was killed looked like out and out criminals. And it turns out they were. Covered in tats and mumbling their way through the interviews. Led by a mother who's got to be one of the dumbest creatures to walk the earth...

9/10: Keep an open mind Who...
Thursday, April 15, 2021

Keep an open mind Who are you people judging everyone in this documentary? It is a tragic story full of people who did not have it easy growing up. Some aren't as fortunate as others. None of you have a right to judge them. This story is interesting. And the mother is quite the character. Her obsession with the social media was born from the rage she felt from losing her daughter. It is fascinating that law enforcement was able to make arrests from the help of a MySpace page designed by a teenager. There are no happy endings, because everyone in this story has a had a complicated life. I felt sorry for everyone in the movie, even the killer. Because their lives were full of hardships. I did wish that law enforcement focused more on the victim of the crime during their interrogations. However, I'm sure we didn't see all the footage. Chrystal seemed like...

3/10: Didn't like it.. When...
Sunday, April 18, 2021

Didn't like it.. When the mother started talking, I understood that she is the reason behind all her kids' suffering. Probably the father too but he is not in the documentary..She is not a woman that we would hug and feel sympathy for, like most of the grieving mothers. A former drug dealer and drug user, who doesn't help the police but tries to instigate gang wars and deaths of gang members as a revenge.I never understood the coincidence of the 5150 gang members meeting 1+2 cars of the Theobald family on the same night and why they interacted with the 2 second ones.. It just happened as a coincidence?And why 22 years to the driver who had already co-operated with the police?3 stars for the girl that did the catfishing and for the time of the director and the crew..

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