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Red Notice (2021)


This movie is one of...
Friday, April 29, 2022

This movie is one of those ridiculously silly but quite fun movies. It is a movie that makes no pretense other than to be entertaining. The movie is a mixture of art heist thriller, Indiana Jones inspired treasure hunts and fast and furious chase action. All served with a large dose of humor. I have to confess one thing right away. Ryan Reynolds grated on me. I guess he was chosen to provide most of the comic relief and, to me, he is over the top silly not to mention dishonest (most of the time) in a way that was not really my cup of tea. Luckily Dwayne Johnson largely compensated for that. I have not yet seen a movie with Dwayne Johnson in that I felt was really bad. Also, sorry to all the Gal Gadot haters out there, I did like her in this movie but then, as guy, maybe I am a wee bit biased on that...

_Red Notice_ is a run...
Friday, July 29, 2022

_Red Notice_ is a run of the mill spy adventure with twists, turns, and an inflated runtime that leaves the movie feeling bloated. I was having a decent time in the start of the movie, I enjoyed the back and forth between Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, the set pieces were great, and the plot was somewhat interesting. But after awhile, the movie got stale as the same style jokes were recycled and the plot kept being strung along. All the acting was fine in the film, but by this point Dwayne Johnson plays Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds plays Ryan Reynolds. There is no diversity in their acting, every role they take on is the exact same. In the beginning it was fine, but too much of a good thing is not enough. I found myself getting increasingly bored throughout the duration of the film, and the ending was a grind to get through. The twists at the end...

Heist Movie? Gal Gadot? I...
Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Heist Movie? Gal Gadot? I’m in. Plus Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. I said I’m in! Sounds like a bunch of fun. But somehow, it’s just not. Johnson is FBI agent John Hartley, and he’s on the trail of Nolan Booth (Reynolds), the 2nd most wanted art thief in the world. Who’s number 1? That would be The Bishop (Gadot), a mysterious criminal who always seems one step ahead of Booth in the quest to reunite three priceless jeweled eggs that Marc Antony once gave to Cleopatra. Yes, Cleopatra. After a snappy, parkour-heavy chase to open the film, Hartley offers Booth the chance to move up to the top spot on Interpol’s Red Notice (highest level arrest warrant) list. All he has to do is help Hartley and the Feds nab The Bishop. And the game is on! Read the full review on our website. https://www.ukfilmreview.co.uk/reviews/red-notice

i realize that this movie...
Wednesday, March 16, 2022

i realize that this movie was not set to be a cinematographic masterpiece, but this is way too primitive of a plot, actor's performance, and overall impression.

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