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Sunday Mornings (2021)

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9/10: Never Seen a Film Like...
Thursday, June 24, 2021

Never Seen a Film Like It I can honestly say I've never seen a movie quite like Inda Reid's "Sunday Mornings". Courtney Arlett gives an arresting and captivating performance as Sunday, a Church-going, God-fearing woman, with a big family and a lot of heart. The film moves at a brisk pace (run-time is just about 65 minutes) but packs in a lot of characters and situations. The ones that stuck with me the most were in the opening sequences, seeing a group of women going after an abusing husband in their Sunday best was empowering and powerful. It ends on two radically different tones, for which I applaud the filmmakers for trying something completely different...a musical number, followed by the conclusion of a very dark subplot. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it! Definitely worth a watch.

9/10: Love this movie! This movie...
Sunday, March 21, 2021

Love this movie! This movie is told in the same vein of many Tyler Perry's movies. The characters are funny, engrossing, and real. They will make you laugh one moment and mad at one of them the next. Some of the scenes will even be heartbreaking. And I love every minute of it. What makes it work is that you can feel the bonds of family throughout. I would even go so far as saying it's like being with family through their high points and low points as they struggle to find happiness in life despite the obstacles (and squabbling). And when it's over, all you can do is wonder when is the next time everyone can come together.

6/10: Got that home movie feel...
Friday, June 18, 2021

Got that home movie feel. Before watching this I didn't read the description because like throwing myself into these kind of movies and oh my word. Defiantly feels like a home movie where they got all their sisters and they were told what the scene was and they took off. There was great chemistry and the story was there. Wish the audio was cleaner and the cinematography was easier to follow. But all in all a great low budget indie film about being there and sticking up for your family.

6/10: I Want These Ladies on...
Monday, June 14, 2021

I Want These Ladies on MY Side! Female power is on full display with this movie, and it seems there is nothing that they can't or won't deal with! The acting is solid from the actresses, which is a good thing because the performances elevated many of the instances when the writing needed help. The plot is more episodic than linear, with a couple instances of uneven results. Still, it was fun to watch powerful women do their thing!

8/10: A unique indie film! Being...
Thursday, July 1, 2021

A unique indie film! Being from the UK it was fascinating to see a film from the perspective of african american women in the southern US. It was very much about female empowerment and family ties. All the sisters put in strong performances and the dialogue was very natural and realistic so I think a lot of the scenes were unscripted and improvised which all adds to the authenticity. So yeah, very much enjoyed this film!

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