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Lady Bird (2017)

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8/10: Getting Out of the Cage...
Monday, January 7, 2019

Getting Out of the Cage. I must confess that I never had much faith on this production. For being a strong contender for the 2017 Academy Awards, I was a bit curious, but that's it. Unlike films like Get Out, which seemed radically different from what I had seen before, Lady Bird seemed more like a dramatic film, visibly transgressive and hanging on a social cause to be considered when voting for prizes. Today I can say that, although it was not a revelation of a lifetime, I was pleasantly surprised.To begin with, Lady Bird does not tell an innovative story at all. The issue of teenagers discovering themselves in the darkness of taboos and repression is a topic that has been shown before. However, this production manages with on a very decent script, to turn this story into something extraordinary and surprising. The plot adapts to the passing of the minutes in a genuine way, turning each...

8/10: Don't you think maybe...
Sunday, July 1, 2018

Don't you think maybe they are the same thing? Love and attention? When Christine McPherson, or Lady Bird as she prefers to be called, discovers she has been accepted into Public Ivy UC Davis, she curls her lip in disgust; it's a mere thirty minutes away, when really she dreams leaving her nest and flying away to the Big Apple, or at the very least Connecticut. Her entire existence serves as an affront to the modest Sacramento, her style a personal rebellion. The only thing pinker than her streaked hair or prom dress is the cast she sports after flinging herself out of the car mid-argument in the opening vignette, in protest of her mother's parental suffocation. It's a wonderful scene of conflicting perspectives and overlapping dialogue, all timed to perfection by a mother and daughter each trying to get their own word in.It helps that Saoirse Ronan is capable of tuning into any...

7/10: A teen's life, in...
Monday, March 5, 2018

A teen's life, in all its annoying realism Fighting with your parents over your freedom to decide for yourself, struggling with financial difficulties, trying so hard to impress others to actually feel like people care about you and pay attention, doing the stupidest things out of fear of being rejected otherwise.These things, and a million of other ones, are what an almost grown up human being's life is about. Well, maybe not everywhere and not for everyone, but most of us could surely relate to what Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson goes through. What Saoirse Ronan did to her character is no small feat. With her porcelain doll beauty and those pale blue eyes, she goes out of her typical closed and emotionally restrained character and becomes someone who yells and screams and laughs and cries and breaks things on screen, making Lady Bird so intense that it's unbearable at some points.Making the character of Lady...

8/10: Greta Gerwig's wonderful debut...
Friday, April 13, 2018

Greta Gerwig's wonderful debut is one of the finer coming of age tales of recent years. Sacramento, California, 2002. Seventeen-year-old Christine (Ronan), who prefers the artistic yet slightly pretentious 'Lady Bird' as her official title, is desperate to get away from home. Dreaming of leaving her mundane life and financially troubled family behind in favour of a 'city with culture', Christine fails to appreciate everything she already has right in front of her. Navigating her way through relationships, her turbulent relationship with her mother (Metcalf) and her school theatre program, Christine goes through all the trials and tribulations every young person endures throughout their late teens, discovering her true self along the way. Greta Gerwig makes a truly remarkable directorial debut here, working from her own excellent screenplay to craft an engaging coming of age story. Lady Birds strongest factor is without a doubt the terrific performances. Front and centre of the film is Ronan, who is...

8/10: A solid, mature and bittersweet...
Saturday, July 21, 2018

A solid, mature and bittersweet coming-of-age tale that manages to shy away from its genre's conventions Lady Bird is surprisingly set in a post-9/11 Sacramento in 2002 , which is an un-usual but refreshing era for a modern coming-of-age story. While coming of age stories can often fall in to their charming but conventional trappings, Lady Bird shines in that it doesn't shy away from showing the faults of the characters it follows throughout its run time, almost to the point that you want to see even more of their journeys through life.Lady Bird has excellent cinematography and believable characters with identifiable flaws and traits that really ground the movie. Lady Bird takes influence from the 'mumblecore' sub genre (a drama with emphasis on natural dialogue and personal character relationships over plot) and ties it nicely with a coming of age structure that doesn't over stay its welcome and definitely...

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