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Beckett (2021)


2/10: If you have time to...
Friday, August 13, 2021

If you have time to pass So many things didn't make sense or just was poor writing.See below, all spoilers.Why would they attack Beckett at the abandoned house when there was no evidence linking the police officer or that lady to any crime? And then, when he was lured out of hiding, why try to shoot him from a distance when I was going to come right up to them?How do so many older people in rural Greece speak English. That was a detail so unlikely.Shot in his shoulder and he jumps off a cliff using a tree to pad his fall? I don't know if anyone would really attempt or consider something so unimaginable.So you're in traffic coming up to a police roadside check where they are going through cars, in heavy traffic, Beckett gets out of the car bloodstains on his clothes, jumps over a barrier, and no one seeing...

6/10: Metsovo to Athens, with car...
Friday, August 13, 2021

Metsovo to Athens, with car accidents. This was movie covered a less-known part of Greece (the mainland) with an entertaining chase. The writers were very accurate about sceneries and the way they depicted post crisis Greece (although in a pre-pandemic era). They handled wonderfully greek speakers and the way they interact with an american.However, as an Athenian citizen I want to point out some improprieties.1) I found very unlikely that all rural habitants of Zagorohoria spoke english (while the nursery and the first policeman didn't).2) Beckett escaped the train after Kalambaka, possibly near Trikala, and he run out with some girls to Athens, via Rio-Antirio bridge. This is not an efficient way to head to Athens.3) The American embassy in Greece is in Megaro Mousikis station, not in Omonia.4) After a political assassination of the prime minister presumptive in his speech, deafening calm and quiet prevailed. In normal circumstances there would...

6/10: Great acting & scenery but poor...
Saturday, August 14, 2021

Great acting & scenery but poor writing The movie was ok but nothing special. On the plus side the Greek scenery at the beginning was beautiful and wild and reminded me of lord of the rings, the acting of most of the cast and especially Washington was really solid too. Now for the not so good. The plot was really weak and almost paper thin the main idea was great but the execution not so much. Another thing that bothered me as a person who lived in Athens for 6 years is that they made it look like a distopian third world country which was weird because Athens is a really beautiful City. I get that the movie is set in a distopian political alternate reality but they made Athens look like Baghdad or something. As a final verdict I think the movie is watchable but had potential to be much more if the writing was better.

5/10: Pay check? Or horrible Director...
Friday, August 13, 2021

Pay check? Or horrible Director This will be very brief but it's basically as per the title. Either John David Washington was offered a fat pay check to star in this and he phoned in his performance.Or.The director is legitimately amateur hour.This movie at so many points contains poorly shot scenes that feel amateur. Dialogue and responses that lack urgency or feeling like a real person would behave that way etc.The way the main character behaves despite his girlfriend being dead and being aggressively pursued is laughable. Zero sense of urgency, no sense that he's legitimately terrified etc.It just kind of lurches from scene to scene and theee is no impact and it feels like it was shot on the wrong film or lens. Feels super amateur hour.

9/10: Cinema doesn't always need...
Saturday, August 14, 2021

Cinema doesn't always need to represent reality I really enjoyed the movie. I was hooked up by plot till the end and I believe John David Washington is next star on the rise. I was surprised to see so many bad reviews , but I think people have blurred the line between cinema and reality. Yes, there are scenes which are impossible to believe like his journey to Athens would have been more enduring for a "real" person and the character's ability to recover very quickly. However, it is cinema and it has the power of anything being possible. Why not let a normal man (Beckett) do some cool crazy stuff, instead of living the mission of saving the city to Avengers? I recommend it.

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