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America: The Motion Picture (2021)


4/10: A Film America Got Stupid
Tuesday, July 20, 2021

America The Motion Picture is a really dumb adult animated film. I wouldn't say it's one of the worst comedies since the animation is solid, but the execution in this movie is very poorly handled. It did have a nice idea for a spoof comedy about America history, but the writing in this film is awful and would try too hard to be raunchy instead of telling a good story. Like the plot is dreadfully cliched. The characters are uninteresting. The action feels wasted. And I didn't laugh once throughout the film. All the movie did as a comedy is use stereotypes other countries, explaining the obvious about American history, throw out pop culture references, and even add in out of place party scenes. I guess I could recommend this for those that enjoy Adult Swim comedies. But even with that and how it doesn't have a good story about America, I'm not really sure...

1/10: Can't even pass the low bar of being vaguely entertaining
Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Totally off the rails with historical accuracy, which I know is not the point, but if you're gonna sacrifice accuracy you better damn well be funny. If not, then the inaccuracies just become annoying. Not only is this not funny, but not even vaguely entertaining; apparently flashing lights are supposed to distract from lack of a consistent plot line and vulgarities are supposed to pass as punch lines, so lazy! What this "movie" boils down to is an opportunity for liberal Hollywood elites to show their current wokeness by demeaning the Founding Fathers, and bashing America and men so they can get their pat-on-the-back by their fellow Hollywood elite buddies.I used to be a fan of Olivia Munn in her early days on G4 TV, but it turns out she's become a great litmus test for knowing if a movie is total crap. The larger her role in a movie, the worse you know...

1/10: Hard Pass
Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I understand this is satire mocking the history of the country. Yet the humor falls short on every level. It attempts to push so much down your throat it forgets the very purpose of its satire. Some will praise it, some will say it's woke trash. I just think it failed cause it lacked any connection with the random humor it attempted to garble all in to one.Hey Netflix if you pay for this kind of content you should see what my dog can come up with. It amazes me the money Netflix throws at trash productions. Some big names in the cast too, I am sure this wasn't cheap.Just a sad attempt to jab at history and push a narrative is all I can see cause the humor was so forced it failed to be humor and instead just shows for what it is. An agenda at an image that certain people want America to...

5/10: Kinda misses the mark
Saturday, July 10, 2021

I didn't hate it but... The writing definitely has its moments and it's very over the top. Especially since it never knows (or even pretend to know) what century it's taking place in. Sometimes this fact makes watching it a bit confusing. If you literally take your logic brain and turn it off completely, it makes it more tolerable. So yeah. Don't overthink it, it's not that kind of movie.Animation and acting are brilliant. Story is kinda meh (far too many Star Wars references), even with the over the top moments. Probably should be watched while drunk. MURICA! 🇺🇸

1/10: Pure hot garbage
Sunday, July 4, 2021

There is way too much going on in this movie. It's sorta trying to be Team America, but it's 1000% less funny. It's kinda Borat, but less interesting. Maybe trying to be Monty Python, but more like a frat boy wrote this while drunk. It's unfunny, not sure what it wants to be, and frankly boring. Maybe it's trying to be woke but it just comes off as annoying. The animation was good, but the script is top 10 worst ever written. This is awful and a new low for Netflix which has honestly been putting out pure trash that make straight to VHS B movies look good

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