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The Mad Women's Ball (2021)


7/10: Liked it a lot, but too much left unresolved
Friday, October 1, 2021

While appreciating how beautiful this production is and how talented the actors are, and after becoming entranced in the story, I felt let down at the end because too much was left without a resolution. What happened to the best friend patient? She was being raped while paralyzed by a doctor for God's sake and the act was interrupted by 2 other patient friends, but what happened to them? Was the doctor punished? Did she get better in the end? Also of the entire family the Grandmother understood the main character but she never appears again after a few scenes from the beginning.In addition, I felt more bonding should have been done between the two main characters....it didn't seem real that there was enough of an emotional bond between them to merit the head nurse losing her freedom

10/10: Beautiful story told in a beautiful way
Thursday, September 23, 2021

So I watched a French movie (with French audio and English subs to try and keep it authentic as much as possible since I do not speak the language) for the first time, ever). And I am left stunned by it. The acting is top-notch and on point always. Since I have gotten to experience kinda similar treatment in hospitals (MS patient living in a "third world" country) the emotions were relayed rather easily. I also really liked the underlying karma story at the end. All in all, a roller coaster of emotions and I do hope souls that have passed on are indeed watching over us (got a few myself). A must watch in my book and I thank the CNN article that I glanced over this morning mentioning it. Totally worth the time spent watching it. One of those unexpected and hard to find rare gems

8/10: safety pin! what a good story it will surprise you
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I was totally unaware of this film because I did not see any publicity but I was encouraged to see it without even knowing what it was about. What can I tell you, this movie was awesome from start to finish. The story is brilliant, costumes and performances impeccable, the music is beautiful and I am fascinated. I Love French cinema! In fact it is the first French film produced by Amazon

5/10: Interesting, but not really accurate
Thursday, October 21, 2021

Were people treated terribly in asylums? Yes indeed. Were women, who did not have the same rights as today, the frequent victims? Yep. However....This takes place in 1885, just after Victor Hugos death. At that time, spiritualism was all the rage in England. I guess you have to forget about that

8/10: It is a very good and beautiful movie
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

It has all ingredients to be a great film. Superb acting, good script, amazing cinematography, music and art direction and a great job from Melanie in the directing. A nice and touching story very well made and told that makes you feel a variety of feelings. It is a jewel that you must watch

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